Narconon Freedom Center Outlines 7 Reasons to Enroll in Rehab

drug addictThe holiday season is upon us, with its magical beauty and its spiritual message of peace and hope which transcends time.  It is a time of special traditions and sharing with families and friends.  It is a time when we seek to share the goodness of life with holiday get-togethers and gift-giving and various exchanges of thoughtfulness and appreciation for others who share our lives.  It can also be a time of added stress with its increased financial demands, increased demands on our time and increased social obligations and pressures.  For the person addicted to drugs and alcohol, the holiday season can unfortunately be a high-risk time with the potential for overdose and death.

Addiction During the Holidays

With the holiday season being a time of sharing and celebrating with families and friends, it might hopefully seem a time when the addict could be helped by participating, that it might help him or her somehow recover from their addiction.  While it is true that the holidays are a special time, a time when many find a level of peace and contentment and happiness not experienced at other times of the year, the addict can be burdened with the unforgiving weight of addiction and the consequent unfulfilled obligations of the season.

According to Brian Kuehne, Executive Director of Narconon Freedom Center, the holiday season is the time of year when the addict is most at risk with the potential of drug overdose and death.  It is for this reason he recommends that the addict be given the gift of sobriety and life by ensuring the person enrolls in long-term residential drug rehabilitation treatment facility on an immediate basis.

As part of Narconon Freedom Center’s ongoing holiday drug education campaign on addiction, the center outlines 7 reasons an addict should enroll in rehab during the holiday season.

Seven Reason to Enroll

  1. In addition to giving the gift of life through attaining sobriety, enrolling the addict in a long-term residential rehab can prevent the risk of overdose and death.
  2. During the holiday season, addiction is ordinarily intensified by the stresses and overwhelming sense of unfulfilled obligations to others.
  3. The unpleasant, cold dreary weather so common to this holiday time of year also stresses the addict, and escaping its effects by being in rehab can assist addiction recovery.
  4. The holiday season is usually a time when it is easier for a person to take a leave of absence from work or school.  Traditionally, it is often a time of extended breaks and holiday vacation time.
  5. Emotions tend to run high during the holiday season.  Although it can be a time of happiness and special memories, it can also be a time when feelings of loss, loneliness, sadness and depression are intensified.  For an addict, it is better and safer to be in the structured environment and routine of a residential rehab and moving forward on the road to recovery.
  6. Family gatherings are the hallmark of the holiday season, and expectations for happy and peaceful get-togethers can be crushed by the conduct of an addict.  Families easily find themselves dealing with anger, frustration and confusion while the joy of the season departs.  Despite the spirit of the season and the love of a caring family, it is only an effective drug rehab program and the addict’s commitment to recovery that will restore life as it once was.  The addict’s holiday is best spent in rehab, most beneficial to all for the long term.
  7. With the advent of the new year are the traditional New Year’s Resolutions.  For the addict who is fortunate enough to already be enrolled in rehab throughout the holiday season, he or she will have a recovery plan already in place when the New Year rings in on January 1st.

So, please give the gift of sobriety this holiday season to yourself or someone you love.  You will never regret it.

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