Narconon Freedom Center Launches Alumni Group Online

In a sometimes hectic world filled with the demands of work, family, and the need to fulfill ones obligations, it might seem like you are cut-off from the world and cast adrift, alone.  It might seem lonely at times, especially so if you are someone who has escaped the trap of drug abuse and addiction through successful drug rehabilitation, said good-bye to that life, and are now working to create a new and better life of sobriety.

Narconon Alumni Groups Help With A Sense of Belonging

We’ve probably all heard of alumni groups, with graduates of the local high school or the state college joining and becoming a member, and perhaps attending the occasional and celebratory reunion.  It is an opportunity to come together with old friends and acquaintances, peers who share a common ground and similar experiences, and to experience a sense of belonging.

Alumni is an old word, and its roots date back to the 17th century, giving you an idea of the strength of people’s innate desire and need to come together as a group, and to belong.  The word alumni is derived from the Latin word, alere, meaning to nourish. A word most often used in the plural form, it means, graduates of a school, college; men and women who have completed their studies.  Down through the centuries, the word continues to communicate the concept of belonging to a group that graduated from a course of studies, together.

The Importance of Aftercare

An integral part of the very successful Narconon Freedom Center drug rehabilitation model is the comprehensive Life Skills program. The student of the program studies key and fundamental tools for life, including the skills of communication, how to study and learn, how to choose people who will be an asset to survival and to recognize those who are a harmful influence, how to better the conditions in life, and The Way To Happiness, A Common Sense Guide to Better Living.  Upon successfully completing the entire Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program, an individual formally graduates, and is thereafter a Narconon graduate,  often affectionately called a grad. 

So it is worthy of note that our facility at Narconon Freedom Center recently launched an alumni page through Facebook for their graduates of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.  It is a place where graduates can go to for continued support, and to participate in discussions with fellow graduates and Narconon Freedom Center staff in a safe, drug free environment.   It is no small accomplishment to face-up to what it takes to get off drugs, and free oneself from the chains of addiction.   It is consistently challenging, it takes persistence and courage, and a burning desire to make it all the way through to the other side.  Those who share that journey with you, both the staff and fellow students on the program, can become lifelong, true friends.  They, better than anyone, know what it means to be drug-free, and continue to live a sober life. It is these friends and peers who graduated from Narconon Freedom Center who are the alumni, and to be able to stay in close contact via Facebook, the social medium of this generation, to share photographs and successes, to get answers to questions, to discuss concerns, to get help and advice on in-life matters that may need to be addressed, are just a part of the extremely valuable sense of belonging and aftercare support that Narconon Freedom Center’s graduates can take part in.   There is a special therapeutic value for the graduate alumni in that shared sense of camaraderie, the stability in being part of a strong and vibrant group, and to know you belong, now and always.

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