Narconon Freedom Center Issues Marijuana Use Warning

marijuanaThe spreading tide of marijuana legalization is having a drastic impact across the country. In addition to the fact that more marijuana than ever is starting to flood our streets, the attitudes of people across the country are changing as well; When weed was illegal, users had to think twice about whether or not they really wanted to buy it. Being a marijuana smoker meant committing the illegal acts of buying it, transporting it and then using it. In addition to the fear of getting caught, there was the added price of buying something that costs more because it is illegal.

Now that the drug is legal for “medical” uses in over twenty states and for recreational use in two, public opinion about using these drugs has made a major shift. For the first time in American history, more people think the drug should be legal than those that think it should still be illegal. Also, more people than ever think that there’s nothing wrong with using weed or even that it’s safe to smoke. These people couldn’t be more wrong.

The Dangers of Smoking Marijuana

The majority of scientific research on the subject has shown that smoking marijuana is bad for you. For years, experts have already known that THC, the main chemical in marijuana that gets a user high, can damage your brain and cause anxiety, depression and many other problems. Another major problem is that just like with smoking tobacco, inhaling the actual smoke of any burning plant or substance simply isn’t healthy for your lungs. It can contribute to lung disease, cancer and other throat and lung ailments. Now, however, researchers are finding even more dangers to smoking weed.

In addition to the problems with smoking “pure” marijuana, researchers at the University of New Haven in Connecticut have found a number of contaminants and other dangerous substances living on the marijuana that users smoke.

For example, growers often increase their crop yields by spraying their marijuana plants with toxic pesticides. Samples of “ready to smoke” weed have also been taken that had fungi, mildew and dangerous bacteria growing freely throughout the buds. These substances, if smoked of ingested, can cause serious health problems to marijuana users.

Lack of Oversight

Part of the reason this problem exists and is spreading is due to a lack of oversight for marijuana growing operations. Farm crops across the country already have regulatory agencies that sample and test their products to insure that dangerous bacteria like e-coli and salmonella are not growing. Marijuana crops, on the other hand, are not overseen by anyone. The FDA is a federal agency that oversees approved foods and drugs, and the federal government has not yet approved marijuana to be grown or sold anywhere. Because of this, it does not test marijuana crops to insure that they are being grown safely (or as safely as you can get when the substance itself already hurts the human body.)

The Bottom Line

The problem our country is now facing is that not only are the older generations facing the spread of this dangerous drug, our children are now growing up in a society that is telling them that it’s okay to use them. When bombarded by these lies through the TV, movies and their friends, it’s more important than ever for parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of drugs and why even the “legal” ones aren’t a good idea. With enough communication, we can still raise a generation of children that won’t turn to drug use.

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