Narconon Freedom Center Hosts Inspirational Speaker

Motivational SpeakerIn celebration of the 4th of July, Eric Ross spoke to the recovering drug addicts at the Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan.  His message was one of hope and direction, and a message of the importance of setting a good living example by reaching out and helping others in need.

Ross delivered his inspirational speech at Narconon Freedom Center, a non-profit drug and alcohol treatment facility licensed through the state of Michigan which has been helping individuals caught in the trap of substance abuse and alcoholism using a non-traditional and drug-free approach to treatment, the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program.  The program includes a combination of proper nutrition, nutritional supplementation, and Life Skills education providing the recovering addict with tools to improve his or her life, and maintain sobriety once the person goes back out into the world to live a new life without substance abuse.  Narconon Freedom Center also provides drug prevention education to local schools and community outreach programs.

An Inspirational Message

Eric Ross had a message for those currently on the rehab program at the center, working to regain their life and preparing to face the future.  According to Ross, he has been told many times that in the sharing of his personal story, others find help and hope.  He spreads his message that there are ways to cope with the hands that life deals other than by using drugs, and a person can better use their time after completing their rehab program by helping other people in their local communities.  Ross imparted the message that he believes that by participating in the activities of giving back to the community, an individual will help maintain his or her own sobriety, and can remain drug-free.

As part of his presentation, Ross showed the attendees how to find and choose different community activities, which a person could find to be both enjoyable and rewarding.  His recommendations included working with others who were recovering from substance abuse, getting involved in youth programs, helping with local city beautification projects, helping with drug prevention education activities, supporting and assisting local arts and music programs, and supporting and assisting local sports teams and competitions.

As part of the presentation, students newly enrolled on the rehab program were given the opportunity to talk with other students further along in the program.   As a result, it made it real to the new students that they would be able to get through the first part of the program, holistic drug-free withdrawal, and with minimal discomfort.  The newer students also had the opportunity to see that the drug cravings which drive an addict to relapse and use again could actually cease to haunt them. It was made real that each one of them could achieve the goal of getting clean and sober, and they too could return to their own communities to help, and create for themselves a new and productive drug-free life.

Feedback from students in the audience about Ross’s message and what it meant to them was very favorable.  Many were excited about continuing through the program to achieve sobriety, and were also motivated to return to their communities upon completion of the rehab program, to get involved in helping others, and with a new hope that each one of them could make a difference for the better.  The quiet joy each person listening to Ross may have experienced is the realization that each and every one of them can get sober, can stay sober, and can return home to live a good life, helping others along the way.

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