Narconon Freedom Center Holds Annual Christmas Dinner

Although Christmas has come and gone for another year, its beauty and special memories still linger.  For some, the very special memories of this Christmas will last a lifetime.  This year, Narconon Freedom Center, a long-term residential drug rehab located in the Battle Creek are of Michigan, held their annual Christmas Dinner, reuniting addicts in recovery with their families as part of their recovery program.

A Christmas to Remember

Narconon Freedom Center hosted a traditional and abundant Christmas Dinner for the 2013 holiday season, helping addicts to reunite with their families in a safe and drug-free environment.  Staff of the rehab center know first-hand that drug addiction and the addiction lifestyle act to breakdown the family unit.  They also know just how vital and important the reuniting of the family is to the recovery of the addict.

Hosted at the center itself, the Christmas Dinner gathering found happy families in attendance, many bringing traditional family fare to share with their loved one and fellow attendees.

Senior Intake Counselor at the Michigan facility, John Walser, noted that the staff of Narconon Freedom Center never tire of hearing from the addict’s families that this Christmas is the first in years in which they were able share this special time with their loved one in a safe and sober environment.  He added that it is very rewarding to see family members experiencing hope for their loved one and for the chance to spend many more sober and happy holidays with their loved one in the future.

Family Members Comment

The consistent thread of appreciation and thanks expressed by family members as a result of the Christmas Dinner was for their loved one now being on the road to recovery.  One mother of an addict in recovery who attended the Christmas Dinner shared her happiness that her son was doing well and making positive changes which she could see.

Another mother with her son in recovery at the center shared that this Christmas was the best she’d spent with her son in years.  Yet another commented how impressed she was with the Christmas Dinner set-up and presentation, saying it felt like she was sitting down to dinner at home with family, everyone together and safe.

Drugs Breakdown Families

Sadly, one of the most damaging and painful consequences of drugs and substance abuse is the breakdown of the family.  An addict usually withdraws from his or her family, often neither seeing nor talking to them.  Family members, on the other hand, may often refuse to either see or maintain a connection to their addicted loved one because of the lying and stealing which is characteristic of the substance abuser.  With the added emotional and financial stresses common to the holiday season, the addict is particularly vulnerable to those things which trigger an increased use of drug and which may consequently lead to overdose and even death.  As a result, the family of a drug addict or alcoholic is often spent in worry and fear for the life of their loved one, constantly wondering where they are and if they are okay.

The best advice that can be given for the holidays and any other time of the year as well, is to get your loved one into a long-term residential and drug-free rehab.  “Getting a loved one into rehab can save their life,” said Walser.

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