Narconon Freedom Center Examining the Dangers of Alcohol Use

Narconon Freedom CenterNarconon Freedom Center is always looking for new ways to save lives. Drug abuse and alcoholism don’t take days off, so the center can’t either. It works every day to get its clients off of drugs and alcohol, and back to living a normal (sober) life. It doesn’t rely on old, outdated ideas about how to treat alcoholism, such as 12-step programs that don’t really work. It uses innovative methods to handle drug addiction and alcoholism permanently.

Part of its mission is to educate the public about just how dangerous many legal drugs actually are. Many people have a vague idea that alcohol can hurt you, for example, but they don’t know the extent of the danger. Narconon Freedom Center is thus taking the lead in examining the dangers of alcohol use and spreading that knowledge to the public.

Alcohol Poisoning

One of the first dangers of alcohol comes from acute alcohol poisoning. This is because alcohol is a poison. The body has no use for ethanol (the actual chemical that we refer to as alcohol.) It can’t be used for any nutritional purpose, so the body has to process and eliminate it from the body. While the liver is going through the process of cleaning alcohol from your blood, alcohol is busy damaging your cells and creating the effects of intoxication that we’re all so familiar with.

If your body takes in too much alcohol too quickly, the liver can’t process all of the poison fast enough. It gets overloaded by the amount of this destructive chemical it is being hit with. When that happens, you can black out and suffer negative health consequences from the overload. Alcohol poisoning can even lead to death.

Liver Disease and Cancer

While alcohol poisoning is one of the short-term dangers to watch out for, there are longer-range dangers, as well. Since it’s the liver processing ethanol out of your body, the liver is one of the organs that can be hardest hit by alcoholism. When someone drinks too much over the course of years, the liver develops scar tissue from all the damage that it has received. It can swell and cause a bloated mass around the midsection of an alcoholic. This level of drinking can also lead to cancer.

While cancers caused by alcoholism can start out affective only the liver, stomach or digestive system, they can soon spread to other parts of the body. By the cancer invading other, otherwise healthy systems, a person can eventually die from a cancer that had nothing to do with his initial ingestion of alcohol.

Behavior Changes

Another long-term consequence of alcoholism is the effect it has on your behavior. While the effects of alcohol poisoning or liver disease can be measured in an exact manner, it is much more difficult to say how much damage is being done to the quality of life of the addict and everyone around him. This damage can manifest itself in anything from a parent neglecting her children to a spouse that is no longer able to work and financially contribute to his family. While we can’t always say exactly what form this damage will take, it is a definite area of danger to consider.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

There are many dangers to alcohol, but there is also a way you can help. Participate in April’s Alcohol Awareness Month. Spread the message to young and old alike: alcohol is dangerous, but with education we can prevent it from destroying more lives.


National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism April Alcohol Awareness Month

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