Narconon Freedom Center Discusses Dangers of Medical Marijuana Use

medical marijuanaTo quote Josh Harkinson in his August 29th Mother Jones article, “Mary Jane made a new friend today: an old bearded hippie named Uncle Sam.”  His tongue-in-cheek comment on the DOJ (Department of Justice) memo indicating the feds will not interfere with state laws allowing the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes as long as the sales of marijuana fall within eight enumerated federal priorities may be humorous to proponents of legalization.  For those who deal with the consequences of marijuana abuse and addiction, the DOJ action could be seen as a red flag.

An Overview

According to the Mother Jones article, the eight points of enforcement the DOJ requires of the states are that the sale of marijuana to minors be prevented, that revenue from the sales of marijuana not go to criminal enterprises, that marijuana purchased legally in a state permitting it not be diverted to other states where it is not legal, that marijuana businesses authorized by the state not be used as a legal front for drug trafficking, that the state prevent “violence related to drug cultivation”, that the state prevent driving while stoned on marijuana, that the state prevent “cultivation of marijuana on public lands”, and the state prevent the possession of marijuana on federal properties.  One has to question if any state can realistically or effectively implement and enforce such enforcement priorities in a nation and culture where drug use is currently far beyond any agencies’ control.

Discussing the Dangers

Brian Kuehne, the Executive Director of Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan was quick to express his concerns regarding the dangers of medical marijuana use.  Of major concern is the fact that marijuana is a potent and addictive drug.  Based on Kuehne’s experience with clients enrolled on the drug rehab treatment program at his center, marijuana was the first drug many of them tried when teenagers.  He added that marijuana, a “starter drug”, often leads to the use of harder (stronger) drugs, and often ends-up in the use and abuse of prescription painkillers.  Mr. Kuehne elaborated that because teenagers learn from their parents and the examples set by them, the fact that adults have now legalized marijuana merely serves to make its use more acceptable.  With the ongoing fight to overcome the epidemic of prescription drug abuse, Kuehne believes the relaxing of the laws governing marijuana will only act to “contribute to” the overwhelming drug problems America is already facing.

Mr. Kuehne spoke further on the subject of our responsibility to our children and youth, and the vital importance of setting a good example as regards drug use.  He expressed his belief that parents, by honestly and openly speaking with their children about the dangers of drugs, can make an influential difference for the good.

Narconon Freedom Center is offering a free booklet to help parents talk to their children about drugs, “10 Things Parents May Not Know About Marijuana”.  (You are welcome to request your copy by emailing the center through this site.)

 For more information on how to get a loved one struggling with drug addiction on the road to recovery, visit our Narconon Facebook page or or call an Intake Counselor today toll-free 877-362-9682. All calls are free of charge and confidential.

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