Narconon Freedom Center Discusses 5 Ways to Stop Drug Use in Michigan

drug useDrug use is a growing problem across the country. The US Federal government has been fighting a “War on Drugs” for decades, but we haven’t seen any measure of real success. It can be hard to imagine how there could be success when so many people profit so handsomely from the misery of others – namely, drug addicts. In Michigan, more people are getting hooked on drugs every day, and not enough is being done to stop the epidemic.

It’s not just the big cities like Detroit, either. Even small towns in Michigan are feeling the pressure of rising drug abuse rates. In Saline, for example, last year there were 15 heroin overdoses and three deaths directly due to heroin use. A young man was recently beaten to death by other teenagers so that they could get money for drugs. Most of us think that something like this could never happen to us, or that it could never happen in our towns. The sad truth is that it happens all too often because we aren’t doing enough to stop drug use in Michigan and around the country.

Here are five ways that we can stop drug use in Michigan – before it’s too late.

Preventing Drug Use from Starting in the First Place

It’s a lot easier to prevent someone from using drugs than it is to cure them of drug abuse once it has already taken root. If you can convince those around you that drinking alcohol and using drugs is not the way that you want to spend your free time, you can start to have an effect on the people that you associate with. Believe it or not, peer pressure is a major factor in the choices that adults make. It’s not just teenagers and kids that are heavily affected by what others think of their actions. Let other people know that you do not approve of drug use, and you may be surprised at how much of it you are able to help prevent.

Spread Drug Education Far and Wide

It’s not enough to just talk to adults about drug abuse. We need to help young people know that a drug-free life is a happy and healthy life. There are some programs like D.A.R.E. in our nations schools, but these are simply not effective enough. In many cases, all these programs do is make children more curious about drugs. Support effective drug education so that young people know not to ever use drugs.

Stop Legalizing Marijuana and Other Drugs

Some drug legalization proponents try to argue that legalizing marijuana and other drugs will help lower the use of illegal drugs in our country and make our communities safer. This is pure idiocy. The fact that these drugs are illegal is one of the only things that is holding many Americans back from trying them out of curiosity, and making them legal will take that barrier away. Fight back against drug legalization efforts whenever you hear of them.

Help Patients Find Other Ways to Fight Pain

One of the biggest sources of new drug users is the segment of Americans that get addicted to prescription painkillers. Help suggest other ways for patients to fight their pain, and you may help prevent these individuals from getting hooked on dangerous drugs.

Support Drug Rehab Efforts in Your Community

When you find an effective drug rehab in your community, such as Narconon Freedom Center, do everything you can to support its efforts. Not only is the Freedom Center helping detox individual drug addicts every day, it is also on the front lines of educating the community and leading efforts to fight drug abuse across the state.

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