Narconon Freedom Center Client Says TRs Helped Tremendously

happyThis is a review of the Narconon Training Routines program or Book 1 of Narconon Freedom Center. The Training Routines Program (TRs) is one that uses drills to help increase confront, control and communication. One of the drills is called Bull Bait and this is where a twin or another client works with a  client to flatten buttons that cause a negative reaction for the client.

Here is the review:

Bull Bait was very hard but has really helped me out.  It made me realize how much I belong here in this program.  It has helped me to face things I hadn’t in the past, and that has been a great thing to do.  To sit there in front of someone you hardly know and listen to the things they say was very, very hard, but it has helped tremendously.  Now I can say I ‘did it’ and that is a great feeling of accomplishment.


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