Narconon Freedom Center Celebrates Labor Day

Labor DayDrug rehab is never easy, but it does not necessarily have to be a grueling ordeal. People who go to Narconon are able to pursue the path to sobriety in an environment that is designed to be pleasant and relaxing, while at the same time also being conducive to making steady progress towards a full recovery. Some drug rehab centers are found in exotic locales, and are outfitted with amenities and services that would make it difficult for a visitor to distinguish them from a luxury spa. The focus at most of these centers, unfortunately, is more on pampering and a lavish lifestyle than on effective drug rehab solutions. Narconon centers are not like this. At the same time, they do offer a comfortable and peaceful environment where clients can rest and enjoy themselves while working on the program. A prime example of this is the Narconon Freedom Center, located in the small town of Albion in rural southern Michigan.


Labor Day Barbecue at Narconon Center in Michigan

The clients and staff of the Freedom Center recently gathered for a Labor Day barbecue on a day when the late summer sun was shining and temperatures climbed into the low 80s. The festivities included volleyball, kickball and softball for those who wanted to stretch their limbs and compete athletically, as well as several rounds of bingo for those who were content to sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather while playing for the win. The grills were also sizzling with hot dogs and hamburgers to feed the attendees in true summer cookout fashion. All in all, the event was a considerable success and was enjoyed by all, offering staff and clients alike a nice break in the normal routine. “Doing a drug rehabilitation program is a challenging experience, and for many a very serious event,” says Brian Kuehne, Executive Director of the Narconon Freedom Center. “Where possible, we try to provide some levity and a variety of activities in a safe and supervised environment to help with morale. Often events like this are the first time in years students in the program have interacted with others in a social setting while sober.”

Addicts Learning to Socialize without Drugs or Alcohol

People who go to rehab typically come in holding viewpoints that strongly associate parties and other types of socialization with substance abuse. In their lives as addicts, most of them would have almost certainly been drinking or getting high before or during such an event. This is due in part to the fact that alcohol is usually served at a barbecue or other party, but there is another reason as well. People who become drug addicts can very often trace their problems back to difficulties in coping with social situations and dealing with people. At some point, they started drinking or using drugs as a way to escape the pressure, to “loosen up” and to “have a good time,” with the result that they could no longer enjoy themselves or even be comfortable in any setting without drugs or alcohol. For this reason, the Narconon program includes counseling on the subject of communication, as well as life skills courses on how to control and handle communication and on interpersonal relationships in general. After completing these steps, clients are better prepared to enjoy themselves in social settings without having to be drunk or high on drugs. Parties and barbecues are not necessarily a part of the Narconon program, but the fact that the Freedom Center staff chose to hold the Labor Day celebration did offer the clients a chance to see how they could now have a great time at a social event without sacrificing their newfound sobriety, something that will prove to be important as they make their way back into life in the outside world.

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