Narconon Freedom Center Brings Families Together for Thanksgiving Holiday

turkey dinnerThis holiday season most people probably won’t be thinking about having a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner in a long-term residential drug rehab, but for those families who were fortunate enough to have a loved one on the road to recovery at Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan, that is exactly where many of them shared a sober Thanksgiving with a family member who is at the center to reclaim their life from addiction.  It was definitely a time of to give thanks in the truest meaning of the Thanksgiving Day holiday we cherish.

Reuniting Families

Professionals working in the field of drug rehabilitation know how important it is for addicts to become reunited with their families as an essential part of their rehabilitation.  Thanksgiving Day and its traditional orientation to the importance of family and a shared giving of thanks for all the positive and beneficial things in life we have is a perfect time to for families to reunite with a loved one on the road to recovery.

Narconon Freedom Center Executive Director, Brian Kuehne, is well aware how vital it is for an addict to be in a residential rehab setting over the holiday season, and it can be a life-saver for the person who is struggling with substance abuse during the higher-risk holiday season.

This year, the center helped addicts currently on the drug rehab treatment program reunite with their families with the sharing of a traditional and abundant Thanksgiving Day feast.  With the understanding of just how important it is to the recovery process, providing the means for families to reunite with their loved ones while sharing a sober Thanksgiving Day dinner in a safe environment was truly cause for giving thanks.

Special for each family was the invitation and opportunity to add to the occasion by bringing any of their own special traditional family dishes. Doing so was especially memorable, as each family was also encouraged to bring something that their loved one in rehab would especially enjoy.

Giving Thanks

According to Keuhne, this Thanksgiving Day dinner shared with addicts in recovery and their families was likely to be the first time in many years that the family was able to spend it with their loved one in a safe and sober environment.  He added that he and all the staff of the rehab center found it “very gratifying” to share the experience of these families reuniting with their loved one and experiencing hope for the first time of being able to share more sober and happy holidays in the years to come.

Those families who attended the Thanksgiving Day celebration gave thanks that their loved ones are now at the center and on their road to recovery.  One Mother expressed she was thankful her son was at Narconon Freedom Center and had made the decision to change.  Another mother expressed her happiness that her son was alive as well as her thankfulness of having a place to share the Thanksgiving Day with him this year.

For those who have a family member or a loved one who is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol this holiday season, it is of vital importance to understand that this time of year is extremely stressful for those caught-up in the trap of substance abuse.  The added stress of the holidays frequently triggers increased drug and alcohol use and can lead to overdose and death.  It is also an extremely stressful time for the families of addicts who are likely to spend their holidays worried and fearful of what will happen to the addict they love.  But there is always hope, and this holiday season is the time to make the decision to get the addict into the safe environment of the Narconon Freedom Center rehab, and begin the road to recovery.

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