Narconon Freedom Center Begins Holiday Campaign

holiday partyingHolidays are the time of year when many of us look forward to spending special time with our family, friends and co-workers.  It is a time of celebration with dinners and get-togethers and parties.  It is time when most of us indulge in foods and sweets that are a traditional part of the holiday season.  It is also a time when many indulge in alcohol, often to excess, and in recreational drug use, as well.  For those who are addicts or in recovery, it is a time that poses risks and challenges needing to be dealt with, and overcome.

Holiday Stresses

When an individual or a family is caught-up in the trap of alcohol and drug abuse, the traditional family gatherings and social events of the holiday season can be a time of additional stresses and social pressures which are an invitation to engage in substance abuse.  In some instances, it serves as a reason for those already struggling with addiction to not only continue to use, but to escalate their use.  For those individuals in recovery, it can be a time of overwhelming internal and external pressures which prompt the person to relapse, and fall back into drug use as a solution.

Family and friends, while not addicts themselves also suffer the consequences, and the time of year which is intended to be filled with love and peace and the spirit of goodwill towards man can end-up instead being a time fraught with the turmoil and danger engendered by drugs and the addict lifestyle.

But the holiday season is also a time of hope, wherein people of all faiths seek to renew their belief in the goodness of mankind and reaffirm hope for and promise of a better future for themselves and for those they love.  So is there hope for the addict and the individual in recovery to survive the holiday season, and perhaps even find a way to achieve and maintain a drug-free life?  Yes, there is.

Holiday Solutions

Narconon Freedom Center of Albion, Michigan is implementing one successful holiday solution with a holiday campaign of drug prevention education to raise awareness of the potential and increased dangers to those individuals who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

According to Brian Kuehne, Executive Director of Narconon Freedom Center Michigan, there are a number of holiday issues that can drive an addict to increased drug or alcohol use, and which can result in overdose.  Among the key issues are:

  • Personal feelings of loneliness, anxiety or depression.
  • Financial stresses, often exacerbated by the demands of the holiday season.
  • Family demands and pressures.
  • Holiday gatherings and parties which include drugs and alcohol.
  • The less-than-pleasant weather, which can include gray skies, cold, wind, snow, etc.

Raising awareness of those key issues can help friends and families of those struggling with substance abuse to take preventative measures to keep the addict safer, as well as take remedial action if they see a less-than-optimum situation developing.

Kuehne also advises that the safest and best place of addicts over the holiday season is actually a residential rehab where the person will be in a safe environment, rather than caught-up in the addict lifestyle of seeking drugs and doing whatever it takes to get them.  As an experienced professional in the field of drug rehabilitation treatment, Kuehne encourages family members with a loved one in rehab to visit him or her during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  He notes that for many addicts, it will be the first time in a long time that he or she has enjoyed a sober holiday with family and it can be a very special time of joy for all.

If you or someone you love needs more information on addiction or stresses of the holiday season, please contact an Intake Counselor at 877-362-9682 or visit the Narconon Freedom Center Michigan website.   The staff of the center stand ready to help make this a holiday season of renewed hope for those struggling with substance abuse.

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