Narconon Freedom Center Adds Series of Reviews to Site

reviewSince 2002, Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan has kept an open door and offered its highly successful drug rehabilitation services to those struggling with substance abuse.  The center and its staff are dedicated to delivering a holistic and drug-free rehab program, freeing addicts from the physical cravings which drive them to continued drug use and cleaning-up the mental and emotional factors which were the source of the addict’s drug use to begin with.

The Narconon Freedom Center Rehab Program

In the 11 years of delivering the Narconon rehab program to its clients, seven out of ten of the center’s graduates (program completions) remain sober and are living drug-free and productive lives.  Key to such success is the completely drug-free approach to rehabilitation of the whole person.

The center delivers a comprehensive program unique in the field of drug rehabilitation.  A brief synopsis of its component parts, in sequence of delivery, is as follows:

Drug Free Withdrawal

A natural regimen of nutritional supplements and assists to relieve physical and mental pains and discomforts are delivered by trained staff to ease uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms without the use of drugs.

 TRs  (Therapeutic Training Routines Course)

TRs are practical drills done to increase the person’s communication skills, while increasing the person’s ability to confront and control.

The New Life Detoxification Program

A carefully supervised regimen of nutritional supplements, light exercise and time spent in a moderate dry-heat sauna which enables the person to “sweat out” drug residues and toxins, resulting in the drastic reduction of drug cravings.

The Life Skills Courses:

The Learning How to Learn Course

A potentially life-changing course on which a person learns how to study and apply what he or she learns, both on the Narconon program and in life.

The Communication & Perception Course

With basics similar to the TRs (Therapeutic Training Routines Course), the Communication & Perception Course further increases the person’s ability and willingness to confront, communicate, and control.  This course includes the Objective Exercises which help a person to be in present time, in communication with the environment as it exists as opposed to stuck in drug incidents and experiences of the past.

The Ups & Downs in Life Course

Vital to the resolution of addiction is the understanding of others and their conduct, and how to choose people who will aid and enhance survival.   This course also contains key information on the cause of illness and accidents, allowing for lifelong change and stability.

 The Personal Values & Integrity Course

This course of study helps restore the person’ integrity and personal values, and gives a person the opportunity to make-up for past transgressions.

The Changing Conditions in Life Course

On this course, a person learns about the conditions in life, and how to change and improve them.

The Way to Happiness Course

As the last step of the Narconon Freedom Center program, this course teaches a common sense guide to better living, giving the person a moral code to follow which points the way to a happier life.

Narconon Freedom Center Reviews

With a basic understanding of the full rehab program as outlined above, the reader can now peruse the wonderful collection of reviews written by clients of Narconon Freedom Center.  These reviews are what former addicts individually experienced on different component parts of the rehab program.  These reviews are a recounting and sharing of personal and life-changing experiences, written in each person’s own words.  It is a collection of the real-life wins and gains experienced by those doing the component parts of the Narconon program, from its beginning Drug-Free Withdrawal through to its end with the final Life Skills Course, The Way to Happiness.  You are invited to share these remarkable journeys with Narconon Freedom Center clients reclaiming their lives from addiction.


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