Moral Recognition Therapy

The last portion of the Freedom Treatment Center program utilizes moral recognition therapy to assist Freedom Treatment Center's moral recognition therapyindividuals in making sound decisions and clearly seeing right from wrong. There a several different courses completed during the moral recognition therapy to help capture every aspect of the individual’s life. While one is participating in this portion of the program, there will be some courses that are intertwined with both cognitive behavioral therapy and moral recognition therapy. The reason for this is because the two therapies work hand in hand with each other.

What is Moral Recognition Therapy?

This type of therapy is designed to create the following:

  •  Moral reasoning
  •  Sound decision making

When individuals have been living in denial, there are justifications made and manipulation of others or themselves, which leads to individuals having an altered way of thinking. This type of thinking can cause destructive behavior or damage in their lives over a prolonged period of time. The main goal of moral recognition therapy is to help individuals learn to make moral, ethical decisions by using past experiences and change the way that each individual looks at the world, as well as their own flaws.

Freedom Treatment Center’s Approach

Here at Freedom Treatment Center in Albion, Michigan, our staff wants to ensure upon completion of our drug rehab program that each client is capable of taking responsibility for their actions, having personal integrity and making decisions that better their life.

While clients are going through Freedom Treatment Center’s moral recognition therapy, there will be a variety of exercises and hands-on learning to assist them in completing the therapy successfully. Some of the main points touched on during this phase of the drug rehab program include:

  • Adaptation to life’s events
  • Becoming aware of all aspects of one’s life
  • Repairing relationships
  • Regaining a sense of responsibility
  • Creating positive goals
  • Strengthening one’s personal integrity and moral compass
  • Accepting the world for what it is, not what it should be

These are only somRecovering son with mome of the main points that will be touched upon while at Freedom Treatment Center in Albion, Michigan. Each client’s therapy is personalized for every person has a different past and personality, which is why our drug rehab stands out from other facilities. Many facilities treat every client the same, as if each person’s addiction is identical to the next person’s, which is not the case at all. Every person has a different story and must be treated for their addiction differently and that is exactly how we approach recovery here in Albion, Michigan at our drug rehab.

If you want to learn more about our approach to recovery, please feel free to contact an intake counselor today or send us an email!

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