Medicine Cabinet Is Most Likely Place For Teen Drug Abuse

Because teens are so often faced with many challenges during their high school years such as peer pressure, troubled family life and social acceptance, they often turn abusing drugs in order to cope. In the past, drugs could be found at school or from drug dealers but recently they have been a bit harder to come by. Fortunately, this is because of recent efforts to stop the selling of illicit drugs.
Unfortunately, because of this teens have turned to other means of getting high and they have turned right to their own medicine cabinets. These substances vary from prescription painkillers and other prescribed medications to cough syrup from the local grocery store. In fact, a recent study of 7th to 12th grade students showed that 10 percent of the 54,000 teens questioned abused over the counter medications.

Over the counter [OTC] drugs were found to be a pretty significant health issue concerning teens. The abuse of this type of drug was found high in both male and female junior high students, but was most prevalent with adolescent males. Cough syrup was found to be among the most popular of the OTC medication. Cough syrups contain a drug called Dextromethorphan, which has been linked to unintentional poisoning of unsuspecting teens by the misuse of it.

What Is Behind Medicine Cabinet Abuse

Peer pressure is all too often the culprit of this type of drug abuse. Teens are influenced by what they see on the Internet and with social media websites such as Facebook and Myspace right at their fingertips, there is an extreme amount of photos and conversations to become involved it, with partying and “hooking up” being the main topic.

Luckily, there is a way to decrease the chances of drug abuse affecting your children. It is best known as prevention through education and is quite possibly the best method of prevention. Talk with your children about the dangers of using drugs and alcohol. Create a good relationship with your teen so that he or she can easily communicate with you about topics such as drug use and peer pressure.

Monitoring their use of the Internet would also be a good way to make sure that they aren’t becoming involved with drugs or peers that may be bad influences. Many parents are under the false assumption that sending their children away to boarding schools or private schools will safeguard them from being exposed to this type of lifestyle. Sadly, it is not that simple. In fact, this same survey shows a 50 percent increase in drug use among teens that attended private high schools within the past year.

Encourage your kids to participate in extra curricular activities that keep them productive and motivated. In fact, researchers found that teens who reported being involved in positive activities such as sports, community organizations and church organizations were less likely to become involved in the use of drugs. By following these simple tips, we can hope to point our children in the right direction.

If There Is an Abuse Problem

No one wants to have a family member fall victim to drugs. However if the problem exists then the best solution is to get the individual help through treatment. The Narconon program specializes in resolving drug addiction permanently and can help with any type of addiction.

While prescriptions are tough to stop; with treatment it is completely doable to start a new life without drugs.

To learn more about Narconon or to enroll in our treatment program today contact us now.


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