Local News Interviews Narconon Freedom Center Graduate

newsIn a story called “Hopeless to Dopeless”, Fox News 59 recently interviewed a young woman named Sara Doan who has successfully battled her heroin addiction and won, with the help of the Narconon Freedom Center’s drug rehabilitation program.

Sara’s Battle with Drugs

Sara’s journey into drug use has much in common with many other drug addiction stories today – and begins with the use of prescription painkillers when she was young.  Over time, Sara found that heroin was cheaper and easier to come by than prescription painkillers, and by the time she was nineteen years old Sara was addicted to heroin. Sara admits that she wasn’t entirely aware of all the changes that occurred as a result of her heroin use, but she knew that she should stop.  She tried unsuccessfully and repeatedly to stop using heroin, even spending time at eight different treatment centers without result.  By her own admission, she lost everything when it came to her relationships with family and friends.

After four years of living with the destructive and addictive effects of heroin, Sara went to the Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan.  Once there, Sara found that the Narconon Rehabilitation Program was different from the traditional centers she had previously visited.  Narconon’s program was entirely holistic, with no medications of any kind administered, not even sleeping pills or painkillers.  Sara took vitamins, participated in a sauna detox program and finally stopped having cravings for heroin.  She found that for the first time in four or five years she was sleeping better and feeling better.  Most importantly, she felt that no one had to tell her how to do it, she was able to find her own way.  Sara is now happy in life, and works at the Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan, to help others attain the drug-free life that she has achieved for herself.

About Narconon

Narconon (from NARCOtics-NONe) was established in 1966 by William Benitez, a heroin-addicted prison inmate who was determined to set up a narcotics foundation to assist people in successfully coming off drugs. The Narconon program is based on the drug rehabilitation and prevention discoveries made by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, and is an entirely holistic approach to drug rehabilitation.  Today, Narconon boasts more than 190 centers and groups across 47 nations, and has the world’s highest success rate for alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs.

About Narconon’s Program

Narconon’s Rehabilitation Program is a three- to six-month long drug rehabilitation program, working to free an individual from substance abuse through the elimination of physical cravings that have made them unable to stop drug use on their own, and through addressing and resolving the mental and emotional reasons for which they turned to drug use in the first place.

The steps of the Narconon Freedom Center Rehabilitation Program include a vitamin regimen, a therapeutic training routine course to help the individual get ready for their physical detox and to learn and practice the skills of good communication, confront and control, a sauna detox to rid the body of all harmful drug residues, a course to help the individual step into present time and take their mind off past drug experiences, a common sense guide to living, and more.

Narconon also has a unique aftercare program to help the now drug-free individual decide how they will improve their life following their graduation from the program.  They also set up an Aftercare Specialist for the program graduate to remain in contact with as they proceed into their new, drug-free life.  Narconon has a 70% success rate of program graduates remaining sober – graduates with success stories just like Sara’s.

For the full story see: http://fox59.com/2013/09/22/hopeless-to-dopeless/#axzz2fkCAJeFX

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