Licensed Master Social Worker Joins Narconon Freedom Center Team

professional handshakeRandall Riser, a Licensed Master Social Worker, has recently joined the Narconon Freedom Center Team in Albion, Michigan.  Bringing over 25 years of experience in addiction treatment and administration, Mr. Riser is a valuable new addition to Narconon’s professional drug-rehabilitation team.  “I’ve been working in my field for over 25 years and really admire the Narconon program and how effective it is.  I can see how it works and why which makes it really exciting to work with the students and staff here,” said Mr. Riser.

Mr. Riser’s History in Drug Addiction Treatment and Administration

Mr. Riser received his undergraduate degree in social work at Albion College and his Master’s degree at Western Michigan University.  He has a specialty in policy planning and administration, and a post-Master’s specialty in Gerontology, the study of social, psychological and biological aspects of aging.  He developed and ran a program for severe depression and anxiety, and did psychological evaluations for Policy Academy, which is part of the Kellogg Comm College Criminal Justice Program.  He also had a private counseling practice for many years wherein he offered help for individuals, couples, families and other relationships.

Narconon’s Drug Rehabilitation Program

The Narconon Rehabilitation Program is a unique, holistic program designed to help individuals successfully withdraw and recover from drug use.  When an individual arrives at the Narconon Freedom Center, he first enters the drug withdrawal section of the facility.  This area is kept quiet and separate from the rest of the facility so that the individual can relax and recover from drug withdrawal symptoms.  They receive a full physical exam from a Medical Doctor, and begin an intensive vitamin regimen to help lessen the withdrawal symptoms.  Facility staff are available 24 hours a day to help ensure a smooth detox.

Once the individual is free from drug withdrawal symptoms and discomforts and is sleeping and eating well, they are moved to the main facility where they proceed onto the full Narconon Rehabilitation Program.  First, they participate in a sauna detoxification to help remove all of the harmful drug residues from their body, while maintaining a healthy diet and vitamin and exercise regimens. Following sauna detoxification the program participant receives drug-addiction counseling, also considered talk therapy, where they can talk about their addiction and drug problems.  With gentle coaching the individual may be able to locate the problems that lead to drug use, and pose their own solutions for a drug-free future.

Program participants also complete a series of life skills courses.  They learn how to study effectively so they understand and can apply what they learn.  They also learn how to spot problems in life and solve them, as well as how to improve conditions in their life and live happily.  Once they finish the program, the individual is not only free from the effects of drugs but also armed with the tools they need to continue on to a successful, drug-free life.

A Powerful Cause And a Powerful Team

The Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan boasts a team of forty staff members to treat up to one hundred patients at a time.  Among the highly trained and professional staff are on-site registered nurses, counselors, and trained supervisors.  Mr. Riser brings a new level of experience and expertise to this amazing and unique drug rehabilitation team.

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