Labor Day Event at Narconon Freedom Center

Labor DayIn the United States, we celebrate Labor Day the first Monday of September every year.  First celebrated on September 5th, 1882, it is an official holiday honoring laborers and workers and all that they contribute to our nation’s growth and prosperity.  Many of us think of it as that wonderful long weekend which signals the end of summer, and a time to enjoy one more celebratory outdoor activity to close the summer season.

A Labor Day Celebration

In Albion, Michigan this year, the Narconon Freedom Center set aside a special time on September 2nd so the students on the drug rehabilitation treatment program there could celebrate Labor Day with a traditional American barbeque of hamburgers and hotdogs.  A host of games were played, including softball, kickball and volleyball.  For the less adventurous, a rousing game of bingo

proved to be just the ticket.

According to the Executive Director of the center, Brian Keuhne, a drug rehabilitation program can be very challenging of for many, and a very serious event as well.  He and his staff seek to provide a variety of things to do in a safe environment and under supervision which provides the students on the program with some light-heartedness, a boost to morale.  Keuhne added that a social event such as the Labor Day celebration is oftentimes the first time in many years the individuals on the rehab program have engaged in such social activities while sober.

The drug rehabilitation program at the Narconon Freedom Center is a drug-free, holistic, and long-term in-patient program, usually completed in 3 to 5 months time.  The program is done to completion result, some individuals requiring longer to successful complete the 8 component parts of the full program.

Beginning with a Drug-Free Withdrawal unique in the drug rehabilitation field, ,the program continues with the second component, the Therapeutic Training Routines (TRs), drills to help raise the ability of the person to confront things, control things, and to improve his or her ability to communicate.   Next is the New-Life Detoxification Program, which rids the body of drug residues and toxins through the use of a carefully supervised regimen of vitamins and supplements, light exercise, and time spent in a moderate-heat dry sauna.  Many who have done the New-Life Detoxification Program report that upon completion, their mental and physical cravings for drugs are gone.

The remaining parts of the program are a series of Life Skills Courses, addressing  the subjects of how to study and learn, how to communicate, how to deal with the ups and downs in life, an individual’s personal values and integrity, changing and improving the conditions of life, and finishing with The Way to Happiness.  These courses provide the person with a strong foundation and tools for dealing with life, and a means by which to maintain sobriety, achieve personal goals, and live a good and productive life.  Upon completion and graduation from the Narconon program, the graduate is given a personalized aftercare program, including assignment to a staff member he or she can stay in touch with, there to assist with implementing the steps of the aftercare program as well as being a safe and friendly person to call for any help needed.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and needs help getting on the road to recovery, visit the Narconon Freedom Center page on our main website today or call an Intake Counselor at 877-362-9682.

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