Is there A Natural Cure for Methamphetamine Abuse

meth addictionMethamphetamine abuse is ugly.  Meth steals the person’s life, their looks, and their health and well-being.  The skin of a Meth abuser becomes pockmarked with sores.  Meth use over time rots the person’s teeth.   Meth steals the person’s dignity and pride, their sense of right and wrong along with any trustworthiness they ever had.  It seems to steal the person’s very soul, and perhaps it does.  Might is be possible that there is a natural cure for such a devastating drug?


In simple terms, resveratrol is a compound (a substance that consists of two or more elements).

It is derived from a particular group of seed-producing plants.  Resveratrol is found in some plants like cranberries and peanuts, both seed-producing plants.  It is also found in other plants such as blueberries, cocao (source of chocolate and cocoa derived from the seeds of a South American tree), eucalyptus, lily, mulberries and spruce.  It is also found in colored vegetable.  But the highest concentration of resveratrol is found in common European grapes, fox grapes (native wild grapes of the Northeastern United States) and muscadine grapes (a type of grapes native to the American South). Plants themselves use the resveratrol when stressed by fungus, injury or disease and it acts as the plant’s own antibiotic.

Though somewhat new to us in the Western world, the benefits of the compound resveratrol have long been known to the Chinese and Japanese cultures whose peoples have used it for centuries to treat liver and heart disease, heart problems, inflammations of the skin and fungal infections.

It is this natural plant derived compound that recent studies found to successfully reduce the severity of the consequences of methamphetamine abuse.

A Natural Cure

Recent studies done by University of Missouri researchers have found that resveratrol blocks the effects of meth in addition to minimizing the damaging effects of stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

The research done on resveratrol targeted treatments for meth abuse, focusing on dopamine (a chemical produced in the brain which carries messages from nerve cells to nerves cells, or nerve cells to muscles).  It is the dopamine surge in the body (specifically the brain) caused by meth which researchers identify as “that thing” which drives meth use and abuse in spite of all its destructive consequences.

It was also found that with the repeated use of meth, the dopamine neurons (the cells in your body which send and receive messages to and from your brain by means of electrical impulse) appear to degenerate causing the behavioral and neurological impairments which are similar to those experienced by individuals with Parkinson’s disease.  Researchers found that dopamine is a critical part of developing an addiction to meth, and is a key factor in the transition from meth use to the compulsive craving and abuse of the drug.

In their studies with mice, the researchers found that resveratrol markedly diminished meth’s increase in brain dopamine levels, as well as diminished meth’s effect of heightened activity– comparable to the hyperactivity exhibited by people using a stimulant such as meth.

Encouraging Advice

Dennis Miller, one of the Associate Professors involved in the research, noted that people are encouraged to include resveratrol in their diet for general health reasons.  The fact that resveratrol appears to provide protection against the harmful effects of meth “may be an added bonus”.  He also added that there are “no consistently effective treatments” at this time known to help those dependent on meth, but the research suggested resveratrol could be beneficially included in a regimen of treatment for meth addicts due to its potential to diminish the addict’s desire and craving for the drug.  As an added bonus, Miller noted that the research suggested that resveratrol may also prevent brain changes caused by drug addiction.

Another natural and consistently effective treatment for meth abuse is the drug-free holistic Narconon drug rehabilitation treatment program.  To learn more about this proven approach to long-term rehabilitation, please contact us today.


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