Intake Office Upgrades Completed at Narconon Freedom Center

ContructionIdeally, anyone struggling with drug addiction would eventually come to their senses and realize the need to reach out for help. The sad truth, however, is that most drug addicts are such slaves to their addiction that they rarely are able to break away from the drugs that they depend on. Instead of asking family or friends to help do something about substance abuse, most addicts are experts in denial. Any excuse will work to ignore the truth that drug abuse is slowly killing the addicted person.

For this reason, it’s not very often that an addict will contact a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center on his or her own. The family members—mothers and fathers, grandparents and siblings—are usually the ones to make that first difficult call. Oftentimes, a concerned friend or family member doesn’t know what can possibly be done to help the addict, but they know they need to talk to someone. This is where Narconon Freedom Center can help.

Drug Intake Counselors

When someone cares enough about an addict to try to get the person help, the first person they talk to over the phone at Narconon Freedom Center is an Intake Counselor. These counselors are there to listen and to answer questions. Sometimes an addict’s family member (and sometimes, even the addict himself) will call in just to get some questions answered. They might want to know how drugs can affect the addict’s body or mind, or they might want to know what can be done to get the addict off of drugs.

An Intake Counselor can answer your questions about drugs and addiction. In many cases, the Intake Counselor will be able to advise you on rehabilitation options, as well. Addiction to many types of drugs is so powerful that it is extremely difficult or even impossible to quit without professional help. Narconon Freedom Center has an extremely high success rate with getting addicts sober, and Intake Counselors can answer all of your questions about how to get a friend or family member successfully into and through a detoxification and rehabilitation program.

Expanded Intake Counselor facilities

Several types of drug addiction are expanding exponentially in America right now, including addiction to prescription drugs. Because the rates of painkiller pill addiction and other addictions are increasing so quickly, Narconon Freedom Center receives between 400 to 800 calls every week. In order to help all these callers to get the help they need, the Freedom Center recently completed a renovations project to add eight new Intake Counselor offices.

With expanded facilities for Intake Counselors, the Freedom Center will now be able to take even more calls and to help more families and friends of addicts to get the help they need. Some addicts will even need an intervention before they are ready to seek help, and counselors at the Freedom Center can help with this as well. It takes a well-planned, coordinated effort to get an addict through denial and into rehabilitation. If you need help with this step of the process, making a call is a vital first step.

About Narconon Freedom Center

Narconon Freedom Center is located in Albion, Michigan, and it has been helping addicts get safe and effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation for 47 years. The Freedom Center utilizes the innovative techniques discovered by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard and compiled into a program by William Benitez in 1966.

The Freedom Center has helped thousands of addicts to live sober and healthy lives, and this expansion will now enable them to help thousands more.

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