How Much Is Addiction Fueled By Pharmacies

It’s a sad story that is heard all too often these days. A young kid passes away because of a drug overdose caused by addiction. Andrew Snay was a 22 year old who was battling with a severe opioid addiction. His mother said that he even faked a shoulder injury in order to get more drugs. He would drive 40 miles and more every time he needed a refill.

But where was he getting all of these prescriptions filled? Who was writing them? It may come as a shock to many, but today there are many doctors and pharmacists “working” together, fueling this prescription drug abuse epidemic in the name of money.

How Does This Happen?

Although the partnership between these physicians and pharmacists are not arranged, they just seem to fall into place. This is usually because there will be one particular doctor who becomes known for handing out prescriptions like candy. But, there aren’t too many pharmacies that will actually fill these prescriptions. Any ethical pharmacist would notice and report individuals constantly coming in to fill prescriptions for massive amounts of drugs. So, a local, or not so local, pharmacy will become known for filling prescriptions without questioning, and so the partnership begins.

One pharmacy in particular was the Burbank Medical Pharmacy. It was found that in one day this pharmacy filled 85 prescription pain medications. This is especially strange because none of the physicians who wrote these prescriptions were even from the area and neither were the patients. This is a perfect example of what these rogue facilities are capable of doing, and that was just one of them. There are hundreds, maybe more, of these places supplying drug dealers and addicts. There are definitely authorities on top of this crisis, but there are just too many of these pharmacies around and there is a lot involved in cracking these guys.

Know The Signs Of Prescription Drug Abuse

If you are concerned that your child or loved one may be abusing prescription drugs, keep an eye on them and pay attention for any of the following warning signs:

•    Change in mood or personality
•    Change in energy level
•    Change in sleep habits
•    Loss of appetite
•    Sudden change in grades
•    Change of friends
•    Small eye pupils

It has been shown that when teens are bored or have a lack of activities to keep them busy, they may experiment with drugs or alcohol. So, by giving your kids plenty of extra-curricular activities to be involved in, such as sports, music, dance, etc., they are less likely to become involved with drug use. Also, be familiar with your child’s friends as well as their parents.

Keep good communication with your teen and allow them to feel comfortable to come to you for advice. If you find that your teen is unfortunately abusing prescription drugs or any other drugs, seek help immediately. There are many programs that offer help with addiction and educating teens of the dangers of abusing prescription drugs.

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