Higher Number Of Sex Partners And Drug Addiction Linked

Have you ever noticed that sex and drugs seem to go hand in hand? Why is this? People may have their own opinions, but experts suggest that it may have to do with a person’s impulse level. Individuals who display impulsive behaviors are likely to show it in all parts of their life.

Shopping, gambling, drugs, alcohol and sex all fall within this impulsive bracket. Some of these behaviors are harmless, while others could be quite dangerous. There is also the fact that sex seems to be everywhere, including TV, movies and magazines.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Sex is in the air.”? Well, if you’ve ever been to a bar or nightclub, you would know exactly what that statement means. Not everyone goes out to end up in bed with someone, but there are many that do. If people are constantly putting themselves in these types of situations where alcohol and even drugs are most likely being used, it begins to become a lifestyle and sex is usually involved.

Report Supports This Theory

A report from the Archives of Sexual behavior suggests that there is, in fact, a connection between drugs or alcohol and sex. It showed that women who had several sex partners when they were 18 to 20 years old were almost 10 times more likely to form a drug or alcohol problem, as compared to a woman who has had one or no sexual partners. These statistics grew as the individuals became older.

For example, the risk of developing a substance abuse problem was almost 18 times greater for a 32-year-old woman who had had several sex partners while they were 26 to 31 years old. The study was limited to heterosexual individuals who had engaged in full-fledged intercourse, so you can see that these statistics may not apply to everyone. Another factor comes into play and that is the fact that many of the individuals may have not been completely truthful when answering this survey.

Many Believe Alcohol To Be Acceptable

Most people associate drinking addictions with hard liquor or even beer, while wine seems to be more acceptable to enjoy regularly, especially among women. Wine, in particular, is labeled as a woman’s drink and many people see nothing wrong with having a glass or two at the end of a long day to unwind. This stereotype of wine allows many alcoholics to tell themselves that it is ok to continue the habit of drinking or to even deny that they have a problem at all. Is should be noted that drinking four or more drinks during one occasion per week is considered heavy drinking.

Many people may be shocked to find that they are considered heavy drinkers. It has also been discovered that those with a family history of alcohol abuse have a greater chance of abusing alcohol as well. These particular individuals have also been shown to display a higher tolerance to alcohol. These factors may all lead to the relationship between sex and alcohol.

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