Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Content Could Cause Problems

Hand sanitizers are some of the most popular products on the market not only for those who cannot stand the idea of everyday germs on their hands but for those in the healthcare, education and social help fields. It is a quick way to clean your hands and sanitize them when it is not possible to get to a sink to wash them. Today hand sanitizers are found in schools, pet stores, hospitals, veterinary clinics, and day care centers.

Many studies have been published on the effectiveness of these products and they are used by millions all over the nation. However, recent reports have indicated that if the alcohol content is not high enough in the product it will not disinfect as advertised.

Even though hand sanitizers have helped many the alcohol content is an issue for one reason as if the sanitizers contain a large amount of alcohol they are susceptible to be abused by minors or those addicted to alcohol that are desperate for a high.

Which Is Best

If companies do not put enough alcohol in their hand sanitizer products they will not be effective at preventing disease. But if they do put a larger amount of alcohol in them the products create abuse problems with those addicted to alcohol, kids trying to experiment to get a “buzz” or others who decide to drink the product.

Many wonder why anyone would do such a thing and expose themselves to the chemicals in sanitizer just to get a high? Unfortunately when someone is struggling with an addiction problem it is common that when they cannot get alcohol, they will go to any lengths to use it; even drinking sanitizer. There are also those who see alcohol as one of the main ingredients, not considering the dangers of drinking such a product. There are also people who have heard that it is a “new trend” or “cool” to drink sanitizer and so they try it for this reason.

However, generally to be effective the alcohol or ethyl content in hand sanitizer has to be between 65 and 90%. A recent study on hand sanitizers indicated that anything under that will not sanitize the hands. This is a problem, especially for those in veterinary clinics and hospitals that have to use the product and come in contact with many illnesses and diseases. If the bacteria are not killed then, it will spread more from rubbing the product all over the hands with not enough alcohol to get rid of it.

It is hard to say what is best here but generally having the product work is ideal and putting stricter limitations on where it is used and who by could curb any addiction problems with it.

The Hand Sanitizer Problem Through Narconon Reviews

The Narconon organization spends a large amount of time in the community through drug prevention lectures to church groups, schools and community organizations. When the group first heard that teens and others drank hand sanitizers it was surprising. But, after learning about the alcohol content in the product it made more sense. Narconon reviews indicate that hand sanitizers have to be used in some settings but their use has to be monitored. Teen should not be able to purchase large amounts of the products and parents should monitor how much is being used. Anyone with an alcohol addiction and especially those in treatment or NA should not have access to sanitizers.

If used properly hand sanitizer alcohol can be of great use but there has to be some regulation of the products so they are not abused.
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