Former Narconon Freedom Center Client Shares Successes with Objective Exercises

reviewsObjective #11 has really seemed to make me just feel good about myself and where I’m at in life. I used to define myself as a drug addict that wasn’t going to get anywhere in life, that I wasn’t worth it, or confident enough in myself. I just flat out wasn’t proud of who I was, I felt like I was powerless against myself and the drugs that were holding me down. Since coming through the program though I’ve seen that I am strong enough and that I am worth it and that confidence and pride which was always there, I’m finally able to see.

Today though I really felt that pride, it made me think about my past and how I was. Back then I wouldn’t even think about what I was doing or how I was affecting myself and the world around me, so right there is a big change. Being able to look at my past has really helped me completely realize where, who, and what I am today. It’s helped me see how much I’ve changed from the person I was and the person I am today. My past doesn’t define the person I am today, I do! I can still use my past as my strength and reminder of how and why I don’t ever want to be that way again, that I want to continue to stay in this exact same place. I feel confident, proud, happy, honest, and finally able to be that productive part of society that I always wanted to be and realize that I am now.

J.D.H. – Former Client, Narconon Freedom Center

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