Father Speaks out About Daughter’s Progress on Freedom Center Program

father daughterOur beautiful daughter has struggled with addiction for several years.  During this time, her mother and I looked the other way.  We could not let ourselves believe that she had a drug problem.  We noticed times when she would stay in bed for days at a time; she would seem depressed and withdrawn; constantly complain about not feeling well; money would be missing but we always made excuses for her and never confronted her about what was going on.  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize the extent of her addiction until earlier this year.

Megan came to us in March and admitted she was hooked on heroin.  She asked for our help but she was adamant that she would not go to an in-house drug program.  We found a doctor who agreed to treat Megan on an out-patient basis.  I made a promise to Megan that we would try the out-patient route but if it didn’t work, we would do things my way, which was an in-patient facility.

We thought Megan was doing much better.  She was always able to hide things from us and put on a good front.  She assured us she was totally off drugs and we believed her, I guess because we needed to believe she was getting better  By early July, I noticed Megan was looking very thin.  She became despondent, again staying in her room and shutting us out of her life.  She just  blew us off whenever we tried to talk about what was going on.  I knew she was in trouble and I felt if we didn’t find help soon, we would lose her.  Desperate to find help, I turned to the Internet.  I started researching in-patient rehab centers.  Believe me there are hundreds.  I came across an advertisement for the Narconon Freedom Centers.  I liked what I read.  I called the number provided and reached a young man named Tim.  He listened to my story.  He told me one of his own which was very similar to our daughters.  He convinced me that the Freedom Center helped him and could definitely help Megan.  However, it had to be Megan’s choice.  I confronted Megan and told her I knew she was using again.  It broke our hearts to see how desperately depressed she was and she had lost so much weight we didn’t know how much longer she could survive like this.  We were not willing to lose her.  She wasn’t happy about it but she agreed to talk to Tim.  After a two hour conversation, Megan handed me the phone and said “Tim wants to know how long it will take you to get me to the Center.”

I can’t say this was an easy journey for Megan or us but it was well worth it.  As you can see from the picture, we have our beautiful daughter back.  She is well on her way to recovery.  She was in a very dark place for a long time.  With the help of the Freedom Center, Megan has come into the light and she beams inside and out.  If not for the support and help from the Narconon Freedom Center, I truly believe our daughter would not be with us today.  We thank God everyday that she is still with us.

Truly yours,


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