Facebook Drug Abuse Memories Of Those Lost But Not Forgotten

Facebook is a social media application used by billions of people in the world every day. For many it is a way to stay in touch with old friends, make new ones and watch families and relationships grow. Many people enjoy seeing new marriages, baby pictures and the events and ideas cataloged on the web and updated every second by people all over the world.

There is one thing on Facebook that has mixed reviews and that is one specific way the application is being used as a memorial page for those lost after death. Loved ones, family members and friends will often leave a page up for the diseased or even create a new group page to remember the individual and post communication and messages to them.

It’s often sad to see the timeline of the individual, the loss and sadness over their death and messages from those who remember them. This is especially true if the individual passed away due to a drug abuse problem. Especially in the situation of a young person who was taken too early; this can be heartbreaking.

Causes of Death And Young People Taken To Early

Browsing the web-site for the Center for Disease Control & Prevention it is not difficult to see that drug and alcohol use play a major role in death across the country. Alcohol and acetaminophen which is a product found in most over the counter pain relievers are listed as the number one cause of death. A person is put at even more risk of this if they mix the two as the combination can be deadly.

The number two cause of death in the country is the death penalty followed by yet another contributor to death by drugs. It is deaths caused from approved drugs such as prescriptions that are written to over 4 billion people every year.

Right now prescription drug fatalities outnumber traffic fatalities in the country and with more than 7 million people taking them non-medically every year, show no signs of stopping.

Many of the deaths from these drugs are those of young and healthy individuals. Twenty years ago it was uncommon for a child to die before his or her parents but with this problem this is becoming all too common.

Beautiful artists, graphic designers, athletes, musicians, and those with unique talents are being taken every day. And all that is left to remember them is their loves ones, family members, and Facebook drug abuse page.

The most common question is: “Why are we letting this happen?”

The Problem And The Solution

The problem we are dealing with here is an out of control drug epidemic in the country. It is caused by addicts, irresponsible doctors, lack of laws to control the substances, pharmaceutical companies and not enough rehab centers that can achieve real and positive results.

Narconon reviews the problem as one of the most successful drug rehabs in the country with one of the highest success rates in existence for treatment. No matter if the program one does is NA or another treatment the key is that it is long enough to get positive results and does not use other drugs to get someone off drugs.

There is no reason to keep or have a Facebook drug abuse memorial page for a lost loved one if you do something about the problem and get them into treatment immediately that works and is long enough to really get a result.

More lives do not have to be lost because of drug addiction.

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