Experts Find New Information on Who is Using Heroin

heroinDrug users don’t always fit a specific “type.” That dirty looking guy you saw on the street could be perfectly sober, while that “perfect” housewife down the street is actually a pain pill addict. While truly anyone can be an addict, trends do emerge over time to show us what demographics are most likely to use which kinds of drugs.

Armed with this information, drug educators and other anti-drug advocates can make their fight against addiction targeted at the spots of our country that really need it. Instead of wasting time and money on education a small town about a drug it has never heard of before, educators and addiction counselors can find the areas that are primarily using one specific drug.

One recent example of this is that researchers are finding that the primary users of heroin are changing. Heroin was formerly used primarily by poor, inner-city men. More and more often, however, it is now being used by more affluent residents and women, too. The average age of first opiate abuse is rising, as well. In order to stop this addiction from spreading any further, we all have to understand who is getting addicted and why they are getting addicted in the first place.

Starting with prescription pills

Most of the people that are addicted to heroin today actually started with prescription painkillers. These drugs are already in common use across the country, and doctors are prescribing more every day. New types of painkillers are coming out, too, such as the release of Zohydro. This is a painkiller that is five times more powerful than opioids like Vicodin. It is also crushable, so it can be snorted in order to get high faster.

Many pharmaceutical companies have started making pills that get gummy when they are crushed so that they can’t be turned into a snortable powder, but Zohydro was released this way anyhow. Some commentators have wondered if the company manufacturing it did this on purpose. What if is was part of their business strategy to make a powerful drug that users would want to get high with? They would probably be able to sell a lot more than they could will just legal sells to doctors.

The problem with pain pills (in the eyes of drug users) is that they get very expensive very quickly. It’s hard to afford all of the prescription drugs, so many users eventually turn to heroin. It is much, much cheaper than the pills, and it gives  a more powerful high, too. Before these users know what hit them, they are addicted.

Getting the message out

In order to keep heroin from harming more people, we need to start educating everyone about how dangerous it is. We can’t just educate people that live in inner cities or just educate the rich. We need to spread the message far and wide so that every person in every demographic learns how addictive and powerful opioids are.

The next step is to actually provide effective drug rehab services to everyone that needs them. The government estimate that millions of addicted Americans are receiving no treatment of any kind. These people aren’t even going to talk therapy classes, so there is little help that they can be saved from their drug abuse.

If they really want to turn their lives around, they need to hear about Narconon Freedom Center. This drug rehab can help anyone with an addiction to opioids to learn how to live a drug-free life again. It takes hard work, but it is within the reach of every addict.


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