During Red Ribbon Week Narconon Freedom Center Sends Drug-Free Message

red ribbonRed Ribbon Week was celebrated during the week of October 21st through the 31st, as it has been every year since it began in 1988.  The Red Ribbon Campaign is both the largest and the oldest drug prevention program in the United States, reaching out to millions of our nation’s youth during Red Ribbon Week.  Narconon Freedom Center is a proud supporter of and participant in this mission of commitment to help create a drug-free America.

Red Ribbon Week Information

Red Ribbon Week is a means by which people from all walks of life can unite with their communities in taking a stand against drugs and substance abuse.  It is a time when an individual can demonstrate his or her personal commitment to living a drug-free life, symbolized by the Red Ribbon.

The Red Ribbon Campaign came into being due to the brutal murder in Mexico City of DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Agent, Enrique Camarena.   The 37-year-old Camarena was on the trail of some of the biggest drug traffickers of cocaine and marijuana, and it resulted in his death at their hands by torture. Thus began the ongoing tradition of the Red Ribbon, symbolizing intolerance for the use of drugs and the destruction and violence they cause.

The mission to create a drug-free America is the driving force of the Red Ribbon Campaign, sponsored on a national level by the National Family Partnership (NFP).  Originally founded as a grassroots efforts by concerned parents, the NFP continues to reach out to our nation’s youth with their message for all of us to work together to keep our children, our families and our communities safe and healthy and drug-free.  It is a vital message carried by parents, through networking and through the sponsoring of the National Red Ribbon Campaign.

Any individual who wants to be a part of the ongoing effort to create a drug-free America can take the Red Ribbon Pledge, a pledge to set guidelines which will help our children to grow-up healthy, safe and drug-free.  To learn more about this pledge, visit http://redribbon.org/pledge/.

A Drug-Free Message

As a vital participant in National Red Ribbon Week, Narconon Freedom Center sent their drug-free message to the community through the delivery of their very successful drug prevention education program.

Brian Kuehne, Executive Director of Narconon Freedom Center, personally delivered the drug-free message to 95 students in the local school system.  Kuehne delivers the drug prevention education presentation each year in honor of Red Ribbon Week, and looks forward to speaking with local youth about drugs and increasing their awareness as to the dangers connected to using them.

Kuehne notes that due to the numerous myths in circulation regarding drugs and drug use, young people often lack a reliable resource to talk to on the subject of drugs.  As a result, he tends to get asked a lot of questions at his drug education presentations, and is more than happy to provide the factual and useful information the children and youth need in order to make informed personal decisions regarding drugs and drug use.

The national celebration of, and active participation in Red Ribbon Week offers an unparalleled opportunity to make a beneficial impact on the lives and future of our children and youth, our families, our communities and our nation as a whole.  Narconon Freedom Center takes pride in its ongoing and successful efforts to help carry forward the mission of the National Red Ribbon

Campaign and its message of a drug-free America.

If you are interested in drug education for your school or community, please contact the center at 517-629-8661 or visit our website at http://www.freedomdrugrehab.com.

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