Drug Use And Unemployment Go Hand In Hand

At first glance, there would seem to be some connection between drug use and unemployment. The real question that comes out of this is which one comes first?

Often a person does want to work hard and complete a good job and receive praise or get personaldrug prevention enjoyment out of a job well done. Most of us start out like this. However, when one starts to use drugs and alcohol it affects one both mentally and physically.

As a result of this one can stop taking pride in their work, feel like that they are unable to do a good job or even work at all.

They lose jobs or generally decide to not work at all. More and more are unemployed as the rates for this and drug abuse is directly related. Drug use up as jobs go away is a real fact that is hurting the American public.

Recent Studies On The Matter

Current U.S. statistics indicate that the number of unemployed persons in this country recently increased to 8.8 million, putting the national unemployment rate at 6%; and who is making money off of this unfortunate epidemic – legal and illicit drug trade.

A recent study that was done to determine the relationship between drug use and unemployment shows the connection between the two – as one goes so does the other.

The study was conducted by Richard Florida, who is the director of the Martin Prosperity Institute and professor of business and creativity at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

The study was broken down by state, with drug use and unemployment being plotted on the same graph. The study concluded and demonstrated pictorially that there is a definite correlation between the two, with drug use by state trending for the most part with the unemployment rate. The question still remains whether drug abuse precipitates job loss or unemployment creates the need to use illicit drugs.

There is a very distinct possibility that one is contributing to the other. With the loss of a job, one might turn to drugs in order to ease the pain or fill the time of nothing else to do; with drug abuse, one is less capable of performing a job and is liable to get fired. One fuels the other and therefore the correlation.

The Truth About Unemployment And Drug Use

It’s been known for many years that the more idle time a person has on their hands, the greater incidence of drug abuse. This is a statistical fact and has been proven over and over again through the years.  One of the tenants of drug and alcohol rehab is the more productive a person is, the higher his morale will be. Obviously, with people out of work they are subject to much despair, hopelessness and they seek any type of relief from that.

The more successful drug and alcohol rehab programs put an emphasis on giving a person life skills so he can reorganize and build his whole life. It’s not just a matter of ‘staying off drugs’; for a person to stay off drugs, they must have direction, purpose and goals.

Someone with a substance abuse problem will struggle getting and keeping a job. If you know of someone who is using drugs and it is affecting their life adversely, get them immediate help before the problem ends up spiraling out of control.

If not addressed the problem of drug use up as jobs go away will continue to increase. The solution lies in effective long term drug or alcohol rehab that achieves a good success rate.  Contact us today for more information or to help a loved one.

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