Drug Trend Watch What Is Vaportini

What will they come up with next? There is a new form of consuming alcohol that doesn’t required drinking it from a glass or bottle. You actually inhale it in its vaporized form, at least that’s what the makers of the Vaportini are suggesting. The Vaportini heats up the alcohol and in turn it releases a vapor, which you then inhale.

This allows 100 percent of the alcohol to go straight into your bloodstream, causing immediate intoxication. When you drink alcohol traditionally, a good amount of it is actually absorbed by the veins and liver, 85 percent to be exact. That is why it takes a little longer to feel the effects of alcohol when it is consumed orally.

Is Inhaling Alcohol Vapors Safe

If your first thought is that this does not seem like a good idea, you are probably right. There have been no studies involving humans on the short or long term effects of inhaling alcohol vapors. There has been a study done on rats, however, which showed an increase in the chance of alcohol addiction. Dr. Chris Mansfield, a doctor from IU Health Arnett Hospital, said that he would advise against consuming alcohol in this manner, because the medical risks just aren’t known yet, aside from the increased risk of addiction.

The makers of the Vaportini suggest only consuming 1 ounce of alcohol with this gadget, probably because of the quickness and intensity that intoxication occurs.  It’s scary to think of the state a person could end up in if they ignore the suggested use and inhale greater amounts of the vapor. Though the website boasts that you can consume alcohol without all the carbs and calories, Dr. Mansfield says it isn’t worth the risk. The Vaportini is currently only available online.

The Dangers of Alcohol Addiction

Although alcohol seems to be an acceptable and legal drug, its use still poses risks. Alcohol is often used to relieve stress, get away from the hardships of life or just as an occasional social activity. The fact is that there are actually some very serious effects that alcohol can have on a person. For example, consuming alcohol can directly affect the heart and liver, putting them at risk for disease.
Brain function can also be impaired as alcohol works directly on the central nervous system. Long-term abuse of alcohol can actually destroy brain cells and cause brain damage. Just imagine how much greater these health effects could be by inhaling alcohol vapors. If you are concerned that a friend or family member may be abusing alcohol, the sooner you help them the sooner they can begin the road to recovery. There are many signs of alcohol abuse, physical and emotional, that you can look for:

•    Slurred speech
•    Frequent headaches
•    Sleep problems
•    Red/bloodshot eyes
•    Unexplained injuries
•    Lack of concentration
•    Blackouts
•    Withdrawal from family
•    Depression
•    Mood swings
•    Problems with the law
•    Secretive behavior

If you have teens or youth in the home make sure that you are aware of the signs of Vaportini use. Because alcohol is legal, teens can find ways to get it. They can also find ways to use it like in the case of Vaportini.

Understanding about this issue, talking to your kids and getting them help if they do have a problem is extremely important. For more information on this new trend or to ask questions about addiction or substance abuse contact Narconon facilities in Fla today.

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