Drug Free Withdrawal

One of the differences between Narconon Freedom Center and conventional drug rehab programs is the approach used for the withdrawal process. This is one of the most critical parts of rehabilitation due to its health risks and mental difficulty. At most other drug rehab facilities, patients are given “substitute” drugs, such as suboxone or methadone, which helps in coping with withdrawal symptoms.

However, Narconon Freedom Center believes this practice is incorrect; after all, if the patient is given a drug to treat drug addiction, they will remain addicted to drugs in some form. Instead of giving patients drugs to treat their addictions, Narconon Freedom Center provides a more natural approach by administering a completely drug free withdrawal by administering vitamins, minerals and proper nutrition.

Drug Free Withdrawal Approach

When client’s come in to Freedom Treatment Center, their bodies are suffering from nutritional deficiencies along with their minds urging them to seek for drugs to make the pain of withdrawals disappear. The pain suffered during drug withdrawals is felt due to the depletion of nutrients in the body, just like one gets cramps from not having enough potassium in their body. Individuals that have been abusing drugs for years have a vast amouFreedom Treatment Center offers you a new lifent of nutritional depletions, thus causing them a great deal of pain. For this exact reason, the withdrawal staff administers vitamins and nutrients to replenish the body quickly, thus easing the withdrawal symptoms.

In addition to administering nutritional supplements, Freedom Treatment Center staff assists in easing the physical pain by delivering light body massages to clients. These light body massages help clients become more aware of their body, as well as relaxing their bodies. Most drug abusers have been aware of their bodies or the harm that prolonged drug abuse has caused to it, thus becoming aware of their body and how it feels is another part of overcoming the withdrawal symptoms.

During the drug free withdrawal process, clients experience more than physical pain though. Their minds continually attempt to tell them to go use drugs to feel better. This is the mental aspect of the withdrawal process, which the staff at Freedom Treatment Center understands and helps curb as well.

The way staff helps each client take their mind off of wanting to use drugs is by getting clients to look outside of themselves and onto the environment. This is achieved by going on walks outside to enjoy nature, as well as having clients engage in conversation about how each of them will improve while at Freedom Treatment Center.

By letting clients realize the potential they have early on in our program, it keeps them motivated and wanting to recover from addiction. These walks and conversations also help the client to stop thinking about the withdrawal symptoms being experienced.

Why a Drug Free Withdrawal?Freedom Treatment Center frees you from your addiction

As mentioned before, conventional drug rehabs utilize replacement drugs to help individuals overcome addiction, which only leads to still needing some type of drug every day. By going through a completely drug free withdrawal process, each individual is capable of going through the rest o their life not needing a substance to function on a daily basis.

One of the most important parts of recovery to Narconon Freedom Center is that each person that walks into the facility will never need an unnatural substance to get through their daily lives ever again.

To find out more about our drug free withdrawal and drug rehab program, call one of our counselors today!

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