Drug Free Rehab

Here at Freedom Treatment Center in Albion, Michigan, our staff wants to ensure that you never need toDoctor meeting client take a substance again. Many drug rehabs replace one drug for another or diagnose you with a psychological disorder, which means you will inevitably be ingesting some type of substance upon completing the program. This is exactly what Freedom Treatment Center does not want to happen.

Many times there is a misconception on how to truly handle a person’s addiction. Some of the most common misconceptions are as follows:

  • Replacement drugs are a viable solution to drug or alcohol addiction
  • You are self-medicating an undiagnosed psychological disorder

Freedom Treatment Center’s Beliefs

Freedom Treatment Center does not believe either of the above misconceptions. What our drug rehab program believes is that during an individual’s life, events and experiences happened that one could not find a solution to, thus finding solace in drugs or alcohol. There are a number of events or experiences that could have happened to cause one to find drugs or alcohol as the solution. Some of these can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Parent’s divorce
  • Death of a loved one
  • Break up with a significant other
  • Bad grades in school
  • Lacking friends in social atmospheres
  • Lack of self-confidence or self-esteem

The list of experiences that could trigger one to find drugs or alcohol as a solution to their problems is much longer than the one above, but none suggest that more drugs are the answer to one’s addiction.

During your stay at our facility in Albion, Michigan, you will explore your life experiences to discover for yourself what has happened that you could not handle at one point in your life and then learn the proper life skills to handle these situations in the future. This allows you to recover from drugs fully without using replacement drugs or other medications.

Freedom Treatment Center’s Drug Free Rehab

The idea of never having to take drugs or alcohol again is appealing to many, yet some question how a drug free rehab is possible. Well at Freedom Treatment Center in Albion, Michigan, we help you overcome the physical addiction to drugs by using a drug free withdrawal and full body detoxification. By overcoming your physical addiction, you will then be able to think clearly and truly focus on the remainder of your program at our facildrug free people from Freedom Treatment Centerity.

Once you have overcome the physical addiction to drugs, it is time for you to begin discovering through our life skills courses what the underlying problems in your life truly are and fixing them one at a time. What this means is that, you will slowly look at every aspect of your life and how your addiction was fueled by these different areas of your life. By the end of our life skills courses, you will have a clear understanding of why you chose to use drugs or alcohol as a solution and have the skills to find an optimum solution in any future conflicts without the use of drugs.

Freedom Treatment Center’s methods of overcoming addiction do not attempt to label you or mask the true reasons for using drugs or alcohol, but peel every layer back until the root of the problem is found. We believe that you do not need any replacement drugs or other medications to overcome your addiction, but that by solving the underlying issues you will have self-clarity and be able to get through your daily lives completely drug free upon completing our drug free rehab program.

To find out more information about our drug free rehab program, please send us an email or call one of our counselors today!

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