Drug Addiction Point of Focus On Glee Star Tribute

tributeGlee, the popular American musical comedy-drama television series on the Fox network lost one of its well-loved stars on July 13th of this year.  Cory Monteith,

a talented and handsome young man, died of mixed drug toxicity caused by heroin and alcohol.  Since his death, his long and hard-fought battle with substance abuse has come to light and received much media attention.  Perhaps in the harsh reality of his needless death will come to light some much needed truth about the dangers of drug use and abuse.

Honoring Cory

It has been announced that Corey Monteith will be honored by Glee during the October 10th episode, one that will deal directly with the issue of drug addiction.

According to Fox president Kevin Reilly, it is in this episode where Monteith’s character, Finn Hudson, will be written off, and will directly address drug addiction and the circumstances which surrounded Cory’s death.  Reilly did not make it known whether or not Cory’s character would die of a drug overdose in this farewell episode.

Also reported by TVLine is the possibility of footage or outtakes of Cory may be seen in this episode, ones which have never been seen before.  Additionally, PSA’s starring the Glee cast will air during the episode, and the sales from the music will go towards setting-up a fund in Cory Monteith’s honor.

Ryan Murphy, co-creator of Glee, spoke on the issue of fellow cast members and Cory’s death, saying it is something the cast and others must deal with head-on, and not just “disappear until January or February”, and that it wasn’t what people needed right now from a position of leadership.

In addition to the Glee tribute episode, another tribute to Monteith is planned for the Emmy Awards, which air in September.  Cory’s peers will have the opportunity to pay tribute to him when they gather for the awards.  According to the executive producer, plans are taking shape for a special segment that will honor Monteith, and it will be “something that reflects an homage.”  Because the plans are in the beginning stages, how that homage will be played-out is a work in progress.

His Legacy

Cory Monteith was known to the world for his role as Finn Hudson, a high school jock-turned-singer. In his personal life, and in sharp contrast to the bright lights of Hollywood, Cory voluntarily entered a rehab facility in March of this year.  It was not his first attempt to successfully deal with his substance abuse problems.  He checked-out of the rehab one month later.

In a 2011 interview with Parade magazine, Cory told the interviewer that he had first entered a drug treatment program 12 years prior, at the age of 19.  He remained sober for awhile, but reverted to drugs again.  Earlier in his life, at age 13, he was already skipping school to drink and smoke pot.  In his turmoil, he attended 12 different schools, including alternative programs for trouble teens.  According to Cory, he was out of control and had a “serious problem”, using “anything and everything as much as possible.”

It was in 2011 that he went public with his personal struggle with substance abuse in the hopes he could help others who were fighting addiction.  He did not want kids to think it was okay to drop out of school to get high, and them thinking they would be famous actors, too, as he was.  He added that for those people who might give-up, “Get real about what you want and go after it.”

Perhaps Cory’s legacy, both as an actor and as a suffering young man who lost his long and hard-fought battle to be free from drugs, will be to keep the young men and women who greatly loved and admired him steady on the path of  living a drug-free life.

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