Drinking And Substance Abuse Among Women Is On The Rise

Addiction is an epidemic that affects millions of people all over the world. It does not discriminate; it doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, adult or child. In particular, substance abuse among women is a problem that is getting bigger by the day in America.
Right now 6 million women are plagued with alcohol dependency in the United States, while 2.6 million women are suffering from some other kind of substance abuse problems, as stated by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

In addition, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrests among women have increased by 30 percent between 1998 and 2007. This new statistic may leave many wondering why some many women are so susceptible to becoming dependent on substances.

What Causes A Woman To Drink

It has been shown that violence may play a role in the abuse of alcohol or drugs. In fact, 74 percent of women who had an addiction reported some kind of sexual abuse in their past and 52 percent reported some kind of physical abuse. A study also found that those who had grown up surrounded with violence were more likely to use drugs and alcohol in order to cope with their situations.

Substances like drugs and alcohol give people a false sense of control of their lives. A majority of these women happen to be mothers.

Motherhood can come with its share of challenges and some women turn to alcohol for relief from a rough day. This seems to be common in those who stay home with their children and have little adult socialization. The alcohol helps to give them energy and make them feel social and loved. This type of drinking may begin as a once in a while occurrence and eventually spiral out of control.

But motherhood isn’t the only struggle that women face. Many women suffer from unhappiness because of relationships that they feel trapped in. These are relationships where a lack of empathy and shared responsibilities overpower love and understanding.

Many women turn to alcohol simply for the reason that they feel disrespected for being a female. Generally it starts out with a problem or unwanted feelings that they feel that drugs or alcohol are a solution for. They begin to use drugs and temporarily this relieves the unwanted feeling or “handles” the problem. Unfortunately this is a “mask” because the truth is that drug use only makes the problem worse.

Soon the woman will end up with more problems because of the addiction than they ever thought possible.

New Trend Encourages Drinking

Most people associate drinking addictions with hard liquor or even beer, while wine seems to be more “elegant” and acceptable to enjoy regularly. Wine is also labeled as a woman’s drink and many may not think it odd for a woman to have a glass at the end of a long day to unwind. This stereotype of wine allows many alcoholics to tell themselves that it is ok to continue the habit of drinking or to even deny that they have a problem at all and has been a new trend that has encouraged alcohol use.

If you find that you are drinking greater amounts of alcohol or drinking more frequently or even feel like you can’t survive the day without a drink, consider getting professional help, as this may be signs of dependency. Contact your local substance abuse treatment facility and they will point you in the right direction to become free from addiction.

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