Doing Narconon Objectives Made Me Think About Who I Am

objectives courseThe following is a review from a former client of the Narconon Freedom Center rehab program on what doing Objectives did for him. It describes the outcome from these simple exercises that are done as part of the treatment program:

Doing Objectives really made myself think about me and to like myself or who I am. I am very comfortable and was never like this before. Trust was a big factor for me because I never wanted to talk to anyone about any sort of problems, even it it was small or big. I always kept them stuck in my head, and more and more would pile up and I would not say anything.

I feel so fresh right now, no worries, nothing to lie about, happy with myself, caring for others, patients, confidence and loving the sober life. My advice to someone starting Objectives is to communicate with your twin. It is just going to better yourself in the long run. You have to work as a team because you will get so much more out of each Objective, like I did. Put 150% into these Objectives like I did, listen to each command, communicate positive attitude and say whatever is on your mind. It is really up to you how much you want to get out of these Objectives, but enjoy every second of it because it goes by very fast.

How Objectives Changed Me

Take pride in what you do and don’t give up on yourself. These Objectives changed my life for the better. I have a future to look forward to with my two kids and family. I didn’t want to be alive before I got here and now I have so much to say and do. I am proud to say it. Nothing is in my way to get and watch out because I have a successful future on its start.

There is so much to look forward to, being sober and remembering the cherished moments. I could just start crying right now, in a good way, because I have changed so much since I have been here and there is always more to change, to be better too.

Thank you twin for listening and taking the time throughout these Objectives. It will never be forgotten. Thank you Narconon Freedom Center. I can’t wait to get more out of the program.

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