At Narconon Freedom Center, we want clients to do more than just stop abusing drugs. Our drug rehab program wants to rid the body of any built up toxins in each client’s body.

Alcohol and drugs stick around for longer than anyone would expect within individual’s fatty tissues. This is why the Narconon Freedom Center drug rehab has each client partake in a full body detoxification after theFreedom Treatment Center's detox drug free withdrawal process.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification of the body is eliminating any harmful substances that have built up inside over the years of drug abuse and bad habits. During this detoxification process, clients will be administered treatment through exercise, saunas and nutritional supplements.

By utilizing physical activity, heat from the sauna and nutritional supplements, one’s body will begin to replace any harmful toxin deposits in the body with healthy supplements. This process is done after the withdrawal process, so that the physical craving for drugs and alcohol dissipates until the cravings are no longer there at all.

Narconon Freedom Center’s Approach

The Narconon Freedom Center drug rehab focuses on the physical addiction to drugs and alcohol prior to any other portion of addiction to ensure that each client is able to focus on their recovery without getting unexpected physical cravings for drugs. Otherwise, these physical cravings could take their attention off of their recovery.

Once the physical cravings are gone, this allows the Narconon Freedom Center program to move on to the psychological or mental addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Narconon Freedom Center Results

The process of eliminating all of the harmful toxins within each client’s body is only the first step to a full recovery from drugs or alcohol, but it has proven very successful in relieving the body of suffering from these toxins. Narconon Freedom Center is the only drug rehab that utilizes this detoxification process, thus making our program one of a kind.

Free from drugs or alcoholAlso, this type of detoxification has been used around the world for years, in fact the firefighters from the 9/11 tragedy utilized this same detoxification process to rid their bodies of the soot and carbon monoxide trapped within their bodies. These individuals experienced the toxins being released from their bodies and some even states they felt a weight had been lifted off of them.

Many other people have stated feeling the same type of relief as well, thus proving that these toxins weigh the body down over the years and cause suffering. Our drug rehab wants to assist you in feeling physical relief from your drug or alcohol addiction, so please contact us today!

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