Completing Narconon Freedom Center Sauna Was Rewarding

saunaThe completion of the NLDP was rewarding and fulfilling. There were many positive things to come upon completion. Most importantly, the disappearance of any anxiety which has allowed me to be focused on the present and to concentrate with my full attention on what needs to be done in the moment. I also received many beneficial aspects relating to my mentality including the re-emergence of my confidence, clarity of thought, focus, determination, motivation, patience, integrity and peace of mind. Physically I feel more energetic.

My body and mind are cleaner from the release of toxins from my fat cells. The operation of sauna has returned me to my purest self. I now know I can overcome any obstacle in my path. I can accomplish what I set out to achieve. No one will distract or persuade me from the healthy path I see for my present and future. I am grateful for sauna. I am grateful and appreciative of my family and friends for what they have done in the past and continue to do today. Today I am positive, optimistic and will improve myself with each new day.

Ricky R. – Narconon Freedom Center Patient

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