College Prescription Use Causing Even More Mental Health Woes

One of the largest drug epidemics sweeping the country right now is the abuse of prescription drugs on college campuses. There have been more mental health woes in college kids who abuse prescription drugs than many other problems currently.

As the stresses of everyday college life continue to build up, more and more college students are turning to some of these prescription drugs in order to relieve these mental stresses, the only problem with this being that with the use of these drugs, studies show that there is a greater chance of mental health problems in those abusing the drugs.

Researchers recently analyzed data from a 2008 American College Health Association National College Assessment survey, in which 26,000 college students at 40 different campuses were asked a battery of questions. From this it was discovered that about 13 percent of college students reported nonmedical use of prescription drugs. Those who reported feeling sad, hopeless, depressed or had considered suicide were more likely to abuse prescription drugs.

What Are Some Of The Popular Drugs Being Abused

Adderall is up at the top of the list in terms of abuse, and this is specifically true of college students. Study and the taking of tests are two of the larger sources of stress for college students, and some of them have turned to a drug like Adderall in order to gain an edge by increasing their focus while studying and taking tests.

Adderall was originally a psychotropic drug prescribed to teens and young adults who had been labeled with ADHD or ADD. When someone abuses the drug and doesn’t have ADHD, the drug acts on them in a way that increases mental focus, somewhat like the drugs illicit counterpart “speed”.

A study done on one college campus had 30% of the student body having abused Adderall in order to achieve better grades in classes. The only thing that isn’t immediately apparent is the side effects that come with drugs of this nature, not to mention the potential of long-term dependency to the drug.

Opiates are another type of drug that is very widely abused throughout the country, with college campuses not being an exception. Opiates on a national level are in fact only second behind marijuana in terms of abuse, with the US consuming 80% of the world’s supply of opiates.

Opiates take the form of painkillers such as Oxycontin and Vicodin when talking about prescription drugs. A street drug that has a very similar effect is heroin, with many young people actually getting on heroin after starting with prescription painkillers such as Oxycontin or Vicodin.

With the use of these drugs, college students are trying to relieve their stresses and mental pain; however the above study shows that the abuse of these prescription drugs can actually create mental health problems for the person. So in trying to fix something they are actually creating the same issue within themselves, but in some cases to a greater extent.

What Can Be Done To Help

According to Narconon reviews, prescription drug abuse is one of the major problems affecting young people today. In order to recover, they have to seek long term, drug free treatment.

If you know of someone who is suffering from an addiction to prescription drugs and would like to get them effective help, call Narconon reviews today.

The Narconon reviews program can achieve a 76% success rate for permanent sobriety and is a long-term residential program that lasts 4-6 months and could be longer depending on the individual needs of the person.


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