Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Once you have completed Freedom Treatment Center’s drug free withdrawal and full body detoxification, you will begin a series of steps that utilize cognitive behavioral therapy to unravel what led you to find drugs or alcohol as a solution and how you can change those patterns. These next steps help you take control of your life and discover the source of the problems in your life.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is when your negative thought patterns about yourself and the world surrounding you are challenged to alter the unwanted behavior or moods to desired behaviors or moods.Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Basically it is a form of therapy that lets each individual see what their negative thought patterns and behaviors are and then through self-discovery how these can be changed for the better.

As you discover each negative pattern, you will look at how you can alter that pattern for the better. You will continue to go back and forth between finding a negative patter and figuring out how you can alter that pattern until you feel confident that all negative patterns have been addressed.

Freedom Treatment Center’s Approach

During this portion of your program at Freedom Treatment Center, the staff ensures that generic categories are addressed, along with each client’s specific behavioral patterns within those categories. Some of the main points addressed during Freedom Treatment Center’s cognitive behavioral therapy include:

  • Taking control of your life
  • Admitting where problems exist in your life
  • Identifying trust issues with yourself and others
  • Confronting life’s problems
  • Communicating effectively to yourself and others

This is only a small portion of all the different categories addressed during cognitive behavioral therapy at Freedom Treatment Center. While going through the different steps of this, clients will often have hindsight Cognitive behavioral therapy frees you from your pastvision on how their past behaviors clearly negatively affected them and aided their drug or alcohol addiction. These realizations may bring up new feelings about how one now views their past behaviors, which can be uncomfortable at times. Once the client has gone through the different phases of cognitive behavioral therapy though, they should feel freed from their past along with feeling a sense of personal growth, which is very rewarding.

If you would like to find out more about the cognitive behavioral therapy offered at Freedom Treatment Center in Albion, Michigan, do not hesitate to call a counselor or send a message today!

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