Budweiser Linked to ER Visits

budWhen thinking about which drugs in America are the most dangerous, it can be easy to assume that illegal street drugs like heroin or cocaine are the most dangerous. While these drugs are deadly, the truth is that legal drugs can and do kill more Americans than the illegal ones. Tobacco kills far more of our people than any illegal drug. Alcohol, the other major legal drug in the United States, is also responsible for a large number of injuries and deaths. While we may all know that drinking alcohol can cause you to end up in the hospital, but do we know which brands and types of alcohol are most to blame?

Research Into Which Types of Alcohol Cause the Most Injuries

Studies have already shown that nearly a third of all visits to hospital trauma centers are related to alcohol use. Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health decided to look into this issue to see if they could find a further connection. In the study, performed at a hospital in Baltimore, researchers interviewed patients that were admitted to the emergency room. Surprisingly, 9.1% of all admissions to the ER by alcohol drinkers were people that had been drinking Budweiser.

Budweiser is one of the most popular beers in the world, so it’s no surprise that it would be one of the main alcoholic drinks involved in emergency room-level accidents. But number 1? That has to be an embarrassment to the company. No one wants to be the primary drink involved in people being seriously hurt. Two other brands in the Budweiser family—Bud Ice and Bud Light—were also in the top five alcohols involved in trips to the ER.

The Dangers of Unsafe Drinking

There isn’t anything particularly different about Budweiser beers compared to other brands with similar alcohol contents. They can still intoxicate users no matter what name and packaging are on the can or bottle. It may be, however, that the way Budweiser advertises itself is lending an unsafe air to the way its fans drink it and the activities they engage in while doing so.

This is because far too often Americans are drinking alcohol while driving, working with heavy machinery or even just celebrating a football game. Alcohol is poisonous to the human body, and at high levels it can start shutting down a person’s ability to breathe. You can also black out from alcohol poisoning. These negative effects aren’t even taking into account the long-term damage that alcohol does, such as by causing liver damage and some forms of cancer. Simply put, Americans drink too much alcohol, and they do it in an unsafe manner as well.

How to Handle Alcohol Abuse

Once upon a time, the United States tried to handle some of these problems by banning alcohol outright. This era was called Prohibition, and it didn’t work. Illegal alcohol producers were making and selling alcohol (and creating huge profits while doing it.) Organized crime flourished due to having such a highly-demanded product that had no legal method of being acquired.

Instead of trying to ban alcohol outright once again, Americans need to educate themselves on the dangers of alcohol. Every adult that educates himself on these dangers can then spread the word on to others. Young people, for example, need to know that it is not okay for them to get drunk at parties. It is not part of growing up. We would much rather see these young people grow into having families of their own—but this is only possible by staying safe and not letting your life be ruined by alcohol.


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