Biggest Gateway To Drug Use Is Underage Drinking

A teenager generally doesn’t start off by taking a drug like heroin or cocaine. There is a fear in taking a drug like this due to perceived dangers and consequences. So how does someone get on some of these harder drugs? One of the most common ways is through gateway drugs, with one of the most popular of the bunch being alcohol. This is specifically true with teenagers as alcohol is now very socially acceptable and marketed to the younger generation throughout the world.

The general setting is hanging out with friends or at a party, and generally the consumption is not moderate due to many different factors.

It is a fairly new experience for most and therefore don’t really know their limits when drinking; there is generally an excessive amount of free alcohol around so the teen is tempted to continue drinking until they are very intoxicated.

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol can become habit forming when taken excessively, especially by teens, and can cause them to continue to use and even increase the frequency in which they consume alcohol.

Studies show that because the teen’s brain is still forming, more than 40 percent of those who start drinking before the age of 15 will become alcohol dependant at some point during their lives, compared to only 7 percent of those who wait until they are not underage. By a young teen starting to drink and doing it as a regular occurrence, it is almost like they are flipping a coin with their future as to whether they will become alcohol dependent or not.

How This Leads To Harder Drugs

First of all, alcohol is a gateway drug. Per recent studies, teens who start drinking by age 15 are 67% more likely to try illicit drugs.

It is a well-known fact that throughout America, these parties involving teens do not just have alcohol in them. There is generally illicit drug use such as marijuana, Ecstasy and other such drugs. This fact alone points to a definite correlation between alcohol and illicit drug use in the future.

There is also the factor of impaired judgment while under the influence of alcohol, where the person is not thinking clearly and has a tendency to do and say things that they normally wouldn’t do if they were sober. This includes trying illicit drugs as they are not really thinking of the consequences at the time and instead just try it on a whim. This then leads to doing it at other parties and maybe even in the future becoming dependent.

Getting Someone Off Alcohol Or Other Drugs

According to Narconon rehab, if you know of someone who abuses alcohol, it would be wise to get those effective help sooner rather than later in light of the above information. People statistically have a tendency go to harder drugs when drinking is started at a young age and that is why it is imperative to get them the help they need before the situation gets worse.

Many to attend Narconon rehab will say that their addiction started out with the abuse of alcohol at a young age. Others will start their addictions with marijuana. After some time passes the individual will end up using harder and harder drugs and will not be able to stop.

Narconon rehab fortunately gets results with those affected by addiction with 76% of graduates staying permanently clean and sober.

Call Narconon rehab today for an effective solution to this problem or for more information on how underage drinking is gateway to drug use.

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