Bath Salts Addiction

The massive attention that bath salts has obtained in the past year has brought to light the fact that one of America’s most recently emerged drug fads, is also one of its most dangerous. Former abusers speaking out about bath salts addiction claim that this popular drug is not fun, harmless or safe.

What Are Bath Salts

Bath salts are one of several synthetic drugs that are manufactured in the United States without regulation of contents or procedure. Created in laboratories, bath salts contain chemicals that mimic the effects of LSD, cocaine and meth. As such, a bath salts high is reported to be pain-free yet full of hallucinations, convulsions and psychotic breaks.

Bath salts also cause the body temperature to rise considerably (which explains why some users disrobe when high), along with a feeling of immense strength—even invincibility. Following this are episodes of immense suicidal tendencies, violence, hallucinations, depression and anxiety.

Several bath salts users have begun using the Internet as a platform to speak out against the dangerous and addictive synthetic drug. To date, there have been hundreds of poison control center calls, suicides and violent episodes relating to the use of bath salts.

Bath salts addiction was brought to light most famously by a supposed user of the drug who engaged in cannibalistic behavior in Miami, FL, and was gunned down after refusing to cease his disturbing behavior. There have been several reports of violence and severe delusory behavior from bath salts users upon arrest.

Clever Marketing Of Bath Salts To Attract Youth

Brightly colored packages labeled “Not For Human Consumption,” to an unsuspecting eye, make bath salts appear to be nothing more than a bath product. Using this kind of marketing, creators of synthetic drugs have avoided FDA and legal scrutiny, while making their lethal substances popular to youth who believe they are “fake meth.”

Originally, it was believed that bath salts were a safe alternative to marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and LSD. This made them popular to high school kids seeking a high without consequence. Unfortunately, a great many suicides and overdoses nationwide have been reported as connected to synthetic drug use.

Bath salts are usually sold in small, round plastic containers labeled “Pure Bath Salts,” but are also distributed by other names like Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave and Bliss. Addictive and dangerous as other drugs, parents are urged to keep a vigilant eye open for these substances in and around the house.

Are Bath Salts Still Legal

Many states have completely outlawed all synthetic drugs, including bath salts. Unfortunately, attempts to regulate these substances have failed because the drug manufacturers have found a loophole.

In some places, the only way to prevent the production and sale of bath salts is to outlaw the chemicals used in their manufacture. Because of this, bath salts ingredients are ever-changing. Thus, bath salts are not only dangerous and addictive, but highly unpredictable and inconsistent.

Take action to protect your family from the bath salts epidemic—get the facts and ensure your children/teens are educated as well.

Narconon reviews have found that through education and prevention efforts most teens will not try Bath Salts in the first place. It is a matter of being able to reach them early enough to prevent even the first experimentation with the drug.

If the facts were truly known about Bath Salts, and how addictive and dangerous they are the vast majority of young adults would stay completely away from them.

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