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Why Sports Fans are More Likely to Binge Drink

Why Sports Fans are More Likely to Binge Drink

  Due to the fact that alcohol consumption is both legal and largely considered to be socially acceptable, it is rarely viewed as the dangerous activity that it is. Alcohol is, after all, a drug substance that produces physiological changes…

How Gateway Drugs are Fueling Teen Drug Culture

How Gateway Drugs are Fueling Teen Drug Culture

As they move through their teenage years and approach early adulthood, individuals begin to rely less upon others and more upon themselves for their welfare; they begin to explore many of the responsibilities and privileges that are granted to adults.…

How to Overcome a Cocaine Addiction

cocaine addiction

Cocaine is a powerful, stimulant drug substance derived from the South American coca plant. Despite the fact that cocaine comes from a natural (rather than man-made) source, it is known as one of the most potent and addictive drug substances…

The Dangerous Effects of Skittles Party Drugs

skittles party drugs

Regardless of what some individuals, and perhaps even doctors, may have you believe, all drug substances have the potential to be incredibly dangerous–even deadly. This includes not only illicit street drugs but also prescription drugs–which can sometimes be even more…

What is the Synthetic Drug 2C-E

synthetic drug 2C-E

Regardless of their composition, potency and intended purpose, all drugs are chemical substances that have the potential to lead to tolerance, abuse, dependence, and addiction problems. Unfortunately, many individuals turn to drugs because they believe that these substances have the…

Why Rehab is the Key to Stopping Drug Use


If stopping drug use was as easy as starting, it’s safe to say that far fewer individuals in our country would be struggling with drug addiction. After all, most individuals who use drug substances–no matter the reason–normally reach a point…

The Dangers and Effects of Teenage Drug Abuse

teen drug abuse

It can often be difficult for individuals who have never used drug substances to understand why others would ever choose to use these substances, especially if they appear to be generally happy, healthy, and well cared for. The truth is…

How to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

alcohol addiction

Despite the fact that few individuals consider it to be a drug substance at all, alcohol is actually the most broadly used addictive drug substance in our country. Perhaps it is because alcohol is both legal and socially acceptable that…