Are Some Celebrities Bad Role Models For Kids

There are many celebrities who have been less than desirable role models for our kids and Lady Gaga is quickly becoming part of this group. We reported last week on her latest act has caused quite an upset with James P. Molinaro, Staten Island’s borough president. Molinaro publically frowned upon Lady Gaga during the beginning of an anti-drug –abuse program for smoking pot onstage during a recent concert in Amsterdam. He accused her of showing improper conduct as well as setting a bad example for her fans, especially the younger ones. He went on to say that people need to be more understanding of the fact that there is such as influence on our youth that many people of his age didn’t necessarily have as children.

Some might say that Mr. Molinaro has every right to be upset about this incident. One of the reasons why drug abuse is such a sensitive matter to him is because he lost a son to a drug overdose in back 2006. Mr. Molinaro urged parents to become aware of the dangers of drugs and asked for their help.

Myths About Marijuana

Even without a “celebrity endorsement” teens and young adults in the U.S. have had major struggles with marijuana abuse. Many people believe that the use of marijuana comes without risks because it isn’t a “hard” drug, but that is far from the truth. Along with the many health risks associated with long-term marijuana use is also the potential for permanent damage to some thinking abilities. In fact, a recent study has shown that frequent, continued use of marijuana beginning before the age of 18 was affiliated with an eight-point decline in IQ.

The study also suggests that users are more likely to be affected by this during the developmental teenage years, the age group that Mr. Molinaro was particularly worried about, having to do with the influence of Lady Gaga on her fans. And unfortunately while this is occurring, the potency of marijuana continues to get more and more powerful. The University of Mississippi’s Potency Monitoring Project found that while most levels of THC topped off at 15 or 16 percent, compared to 4 percent in 1983.

In Addition To Dangers Marijuana Is A Gateway

There has always been quite a bit of talk about the use of marijuana leading to the experimentation of other drugs. This accusation goes back many years. Well, a recent Yale study, which can be viewed online in the Journal of Adolescent Health, concluded that marijuana is, in fact, a gateway drug. This study focused on data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health from the years 2006, 2007 and 2008 of young adults aged 18-25 years old. It found that out of the 12 percent that admitted to abusing prescription drugs, 34 percent said that they had used marijuana in the past. It also revealed that alcohol and cigarettes proved to be gateway substances as well. In addition it showed that those who had previously used marijuana were 2.5 times more likely to use prescription opioids. With all of this data out on the table, perhaps Mr. Molinaro wasn’t being too hard on Lady Gaga, but only looking out for our future generations.

Narconon news on this topic suggests that the use of marijuana and other drugs should not be promoted through the media, social media or by celebrities. Especially those who are directly exposed to those in the age groups most at risk for marijuana problems.

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