Americans Problems With Pain Meds Go Back A Century

In current society, drug use is extremely prevalent, with specific increases in prescription use and marijuana in the last decade. But how long has this been going on, what has changed in the last 100 years that has created a society that turns to drugs so easily?

Around the beginning of the 20th century, doctors were dealing with a potential problem in the medical community. A team of researchers had recently created and released a synthetic form of heroin called diacetylmorphine to help reduce pain and handle morphine addiction. Pharmaceutical companies then released various forms of this drug but after several years doctors began declaring that this drug was just as damaging and addictive as morphine itself.

As a result, doctors and other medical professionals avoided using various opioid-based drugs in the handling of pain.

This idea slowly started to change in the beginning of the 1960s where the area of pain management began to become something that doctors were providing, specifically to cancer patients and others with severe chronic pain.

Over the next few decades, doctors and other medical professionals started to focus their efforts towards pain management using the prescription of opiate-based medications.

By the 1970s, nationwide surveys indicated 300,000 new users of painkillers, by 1986 the number increased to 500,000. Starting around 1992, the number all of a sudden spiked from 500,000 to 2.5 million in 1998. Coincidental to that was the introduction of a new opiate-based drug called Oxycontin, a Schedule II narcotic. Oxycontin is just one of many extremely dangerous prescription painkillers; the effects that it produces have been described as similar to that of heroin, cocaine and other illicit street drugs.

According to Narconon reviews, in the early 1800s the real trouble started when the first widespread laboratory produced drug became prevalent – that drug was morphine. At the time, morphine was used to handle opium addiction, the problem being, morphine was more addictive than opium.

When you ingest a substance that is further away from nature and created synthetically, the human body has a much tougher time handling that drug. The body simply doesn’t recognize it and cannot process it well. As bad as heroin and cocaine are, they are much closer to nature in that they come from plants. More and more pharmaceutical drugs are produced every year to cover up various pains, aches, discomfort, stresses, etc., without ever looking for the actual cause of the pain or discomfort.

Why society has regressed to this point is very simple – money. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of money in finding cures, but there is an enormous amount of money made on these drugs that cover up the problem and never get to the source.

Harmful Effects & Solutions Through Narconon Reviews

According to a recent study, prescription drug abuse causes more than 20,000 deaths each year, including 14,800 from opiate-based pills. Hospitals reported more than 475,000 pill-related emergency room visits in 2009, more than twice the number reported 5 years earlier.

Narconon reviews indicate that the solutions lies in treatment that is long term and lasts more than 90 days, inpatient or residential and completely drug free. The successes with this treatment are like nothing else out there and can be a permanent solution to this growing problem of pain meds abuse that goes back a century.

If you know of someone who has a substance abuse problem and would like to get them effective drug treatment, get help through Narconon reviews today. With the right treatment this problem can be fully overcome.

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