Alcohol Addiction

Many individuals across the globe have drunk alcohol at some point during their lives, yet only one out of every twelve adults suffers from alcohol addiction. There are a variety of reasons for individuals to become addicted to alcohol, but very specific signs that one can look for to find out if someone is suffering from alcohol addiction.

If you feel you arAlcohol addictione suffering from alcoholism, take a look at the quantity of alcohol you are consuming and how often you are consuming it. The amount and frequency of alcohol use is a tell-tale sign for you to decipher whether or not you or a loved one is suffering from alcoholism.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Some individuals abusing alcohol have come up with methods of hiding their abuse, such as pouring vodka into a water bottle. When the person has gone out of their way to hide their alcohol abuse, you may be fooled by their tricks, so there are many different signs you can look for in individual that is abusing alcohol. Some of these signs are as follows:

  • Poor performance
  • Lack of responsibility
  • Poor decision making
  • Frequently slurring words
  • Frequent problems in other areas of their lives
  • Frequently making excuses
  • Lying to family and friends

There are just a few signs that you may have already noticed or should be watching out for if you suspect alcoholism in someone close to you. Often you will also notice their physical appearance has become less appealing too.

Denial of Alcoholism

Even though you may notice these signs of alcoholism in a loved one, they may not even realize there is a problem with their drinking. Due to alcohol being legal, it is often difficult for the individual suffering from alcohol addiction to realize there is a problem with abusing it.  While the individual abusing alcohol continues to make unsound decisions such as driving drunk or using alcohol to solve their problems, which only makes their problems worse.

During their alcohol addiction, their lives will continue to suffer and circumstances will only get worse before they get any better. It is often a family member or loved one that confronts the individual about their alcoholism. This confrontation can be difficult at times, but often helps the alcoholic see the reality of their situation in life.

Seeking Help for Alcohol Abuse

Once the individual has come to terms, it is time to find a treatment facility that is going to be able to care for them properly during this difficult time. This is where Freedom Treatment Center in Albion, Michigan is here to assist. Our drug rehab program has helped many individuals suffering from alcohol addiction return to their lives completely sober and happy over the years. Freedom Treatment Center offers a totally drug Free from alcohol addictionfree rehab that looks at the physical and mental aspects of alcohol addiction.

Our staff in Albion, Michigan understand that overcoming alcohol addiction is not an easy task and wants to ensure that you or your loved one are well taken care of during your entire stay at the Freedom Treatment Center facility. Once at our facility, the individual will first strengthen their physical well being, which is followed by addressing their mental well being. With each step of our drug rehab program, each individual is expected to look within themselves with guidance from staff to find what situations or events led to alcohol addiction in the first place.

Freedom Treatment Center does not want to just give their clients sober time, but wants each individual to find out why they began abusing alcohol and how they can prevent it in the future. This is the key to recovery for anyone entering our facility in Albion, Michigan.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse, please contact us today for more information about our program.

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