A Day in the Life of a Spice Addict

Spice, which is also known as synthetic marijuana, K2, Fake Weed, Bliss, Black Mamba, Bombay Blue, Genie, Zohai, Yucatan Fire, Skunk, and Moon Rocks, is a synthetic drug substance created from a mix of different herbs and man-made chemicals. While Spice is often compared to marijuana, the fact is that the side effects from Spice use are much different and much stronger, than the side effects from marijuana use.

Due to the fact that Spice is classified as an illegal drug, it is often sold as incense and labeled as “not for human consumption.” However, only serves to temporarily deter law enforcement officials, as individuals who wish to obtain Spice know exactly what to look for and use it in the manner necessary to achieve a desirable high. Spice is most often smoked, usually along with tobacco or marijuana, but it can also be made into a tea that the individual can drink or vaped in e-cigarettes if obtained in liquid form. Regardless of how it is consumed, it can quickly cause addiction and thoroughly ruin the life of the user.

One Day Through the Eyes of a Spice Addict

Despite the wealth of Spice addiction stories, it can be difficult to understand exactly what they experience. That is unless one considers a single day through the eyes of a Spice addict.

Imagine waking up in the morning, not because you’re rested and ready for the day ahead, but because you feel sick. Maybe you experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia, excessive sweating, dehydration, depression, or intense cravings. Or maybe you experience psychotic episodes, suicidal thoughts or just a general depression and lack of emotion. Chances are you believe that there is only one solution available to you: curbing these uncomfortable and painful signs of Spice addiction with more Spice use.

Struggling through the fog created by mental disorientation and physical discomfort, you may search in vain for more Spice only to realize you don’t have anymore. Desperate for any sort of relief, you head from your “home”–a small alcove down a deserted alley–to the local convenience store and pick up some “incense” with the few coins you’ve managed to scrounge or collect from your life on the streets. You struggle with your anxiety and paranoia in an effort to quickly get to a safe place where you can use, entirely unconcerned about any of the normal human concerns like eating, bathing or sleeping. You take a hit and immediately begin hallucinating, reaching an intense high in just a matter of moments. You immediately feel as though your ability to communicate and interact with the world around you has been shut-off. You awake a short time later, and desperate to avoid the horrific withdrawal symptoms, you take another hit of Spice. Once again, you sink into unconsciousness, only to awaken and take another hit, over and over again until there’s no more Spice left to take. This terrible development causes something to snap in your brain and a surge of violence causes you to take down the next individual you see, demanding their money so you can obtain more Spice. A short time and another hit later you feel brain-dead, and as you drift out of consciousness you wonder if this is the time when you’ve finally gone too far.

When you come to, you’re in the back of an ambulance. Agitated, you begin to thrash around. The EMT holds you down and starts to explain that you are suffering from an elevated heart rate, seizures, and other side effects of Spice abuse. Entirely disconnected from the reality around you, you rip the IV tube from your arm and jump out of the ambulance, running as hard and fast as you can–anywhere to get away. At some point you collapse in exhaustion, once more drifting out of consciousness.

As a new day begins you find that you once again awaken, not because you’re rested and ready for the day ahead, but because you feel sick. There is nothing else–this is your life.

Getting Help

There is no reason any individual should ever have to live a life that is dictated by drug use. Fortunately, Spice addiction can be effectively and thoroughly addressed and resolved with the right treatment program. If someone you know is struggling with Spice addiction, call Narconon Freedom Center today at 877-639-2909.

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