8 Years Of Saving Lives At Our Narconon Freedom Center Facility

painIn October 2005, Narconon Freedom Center opened its doors as an alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility.  In the eight years since their opening, Narconon Freedom Center has helped hundreds of individuals successfully stop their substance abuse, literally saving their lives.

Drug use in Society

It is an unfortunate fact that the statistics of drug abuse in our society have continued to rise steadily over the last few decades.  According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, approximately 24 million Americans aged 12 or older used illicit drugs in 2012.  Whether it is with prescription or illicit drugs, many Americans live their daily lives under the effects of one or more drugs.  While this is disheartening on its own, it can be even more discouraging to hear stories about unsuccessful rehabilitation experiences.

It is very true that there have been many individuals with unsuccessful rehabilitation experiences, but it is also true that there are many successful rehabilitation programs and centers that have helped many individuals overcome their substance abuse problems.  The Narconon Rehabilitation Program as delivered at Narconon Freedom Center is one such program.

Narconon Freedom Center

Narconon Freedom Center is located in Albion, Michigan, on 10 acres of naturally wooded land amidst residential neighborhoods.  The Narconon drug rehabilitation program is a holistic program based on the drug rehabilitation research developed by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, and has proven to be the most successful rehabilitation program available in the world according to independent studies.

Narconon Freedom Center’s approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation is comprehensive, and does not focus exclusively on physical addiction.  While physical addiction is addressed and resolved with proven methods, the individual also works to create a new foundation for living a productive, drug-free life because these are the vital skills that will carry them forward after program graduation.

The Narconon program includes a vitamin regimen and sauna detox to remove drug toxins from the body and help the individual eliminate the depression, anxiety, insomnia and cravings associated with drug use.  Once the individual’s body is fully detoxed, they move on to addressing the mental aspects of their addiction.  Narconon Freedom Center does not believe that addiction is a disease that one is “stuck with” throughout life, but rather a condition brought on by non-survival choices that the individual has made.  In counseling, the individual is guided into spotting and taking responsibility for the choices they made that led to drug use. The program then helps each individual learn how to confront and handle the difficulties in their life without turning to drugs or alcohol.  The extensive Life Skills courses provided by Narconon Freedom Center arm the individual with the tools they need to address non-optimum conditions in their life, and communicate well with others.

In addition to their highly successful drug rehabilitation program, Narconon Freedom Center also delivers Narconon Drug Education talks to schools, and participates in or sponsors community outreach programs to help promote drug-free events and activities.

After eight years of improving and saving lives, Narconon Freedom Center looks forward to their bright future.  John Walser, Senior Intake Counselor at Narconon Freedom Center, says, “We’re excited to start another year of helping those struggling with addiction recover their sobriety and rebuilt their lives.  It is very rewarding to see those who have graduated the program reunite with their families and go on to live happy, productive lives.”





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