5 Ways to Stop Drug Use in 2014

stop drugsAs we bring in the New Year, it is a time for reflection and a time to assess the changes and improvements we would like to see in our lives, the lives of others and in the world we all share.

None of us live life alone, and the society and world of which we are all part is actively struggling to gain control of the rampant and destructive drug use and abuse which threatens the very fabric of our culture and diminishes the brightness of our future.  So with this New Year just beginning, it is time for all of us to look at realistic ways we can stop drug abuse in 2014.

Drug Use

Each one of us can do something effective to contribute to stopping drug use, even if it is only on a personal level.  The fact remains that what each one of us does, or does not do, actively affects the lives of those around us, whether good or bad.  As the very wise and oft quoted Mahatma Ghandi said, Be the change you want to see in the world. So each one of us can choose to make a difference for the better, and the following suggestions are actions you can take on an individual basis to personally contribute to stopping drug use in 2014.

  • Learn the truth about drugs.

With factual information that results in knowledge and understanding, you can make wise choices as regards drugs and their use and help others do the same.

  • Don’t overdo alcohol.

In addition to not taking harmful drugs, it is important not to be lulled into believing that alcohol is not a drug and is safe.  It is vital to be temperate (not going to extremes or overdoing it) when dealing with alcohol consumption.

If each one of us were to do just those two things, we would likely begin to see beneficial change on a broader level which extended far beyond our immediate area of influence.  On a larger societal scale, let’s take a look at some ways we can stop drug use in 2014.

5 Ways to Stop Drug Use

  • Effective drug rehabilitation

Because drug use is so widespread it will take effective group efforts to curtail it, and we all have our part.  The key tool we have is effective drug rehabilitation that results in drug-free individuals who are restored to valuable and productive members of society.  One of the best programs available is the holistic drug-free Narconon program, with its Drug-Free Withdrawal, New-Life Detoxification Program, and life-changing Life Skills Courses.

  • Drug Courts

Drug courts are intended to stop the abuse of drugs and alcohol and its related criminal activity.

Characteristically using a specialized team specifically addressing non-violent drug-related cases, it is a unique niche in the criminal justice system.  Drug court programs seek to support the substance abuser’s recovery process in a tightly structured environment.

  • Stricter Drug Laws

With the recent legalization of marijuana is some states, it is sending the wrong message to our youth and to those who may be considering using drugs.  Marijuana is a drug; it has harmful mental and physical side-effects and can be addictive.  Keeping a harmful drug illegal is a key factor in stopping drug use.

  • Restore Educational Basics

As a substitute for effective teaching and proven educational methods established through generations of education, our society now labels children with “disabilities” and “disorders” and gives them drugs as a “solution”.  By doing so, we are creating new generations of potential drug addicts.

  • Drug Prevention Education

It is vital for our children, youth and  adults in our society to learn the truth about drugs before falling into the trap of drug use and abuse.  When provided factual and useful information as to the true nature and danger of drugs, a person is empowered to use good judgment and make sound decisions as regards drugs and alcohol and their use.

Let’s make 2014 the year we all take responsibility for the effects of drug use on our lives and the lives of our fellows, and take simple yet effective actions to implement beneficial change.




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