5 Reasons People Think Its Okay To Use Prescriptions

Prescription DrugsIt seems the rather innocuous term “meds” has become all too common in the society and culture of today.  It’s a generalized and catchall term for “medicine”, loosely used in reference to the mind-bending and health-damaging drugs so freely dispensed to our children and youth as a “solution” to study problems in school, and to the highly addictive prescription painkillers.

No doubt this rather catchy and user-friendly term “meds” helps in forwarding the misguided conception that drugs—if prescribed—are automatically safe, and probably beneficial.  So it is with the prescription drugs—the “meds”— most commonly abused, whether stimulants, pain killers/relievers, tranquilizers or sedatives. It is a destructive and potentially deadly idea.

Prescription Drug versus Medicine

Is there a difference between a prescription drug, and a medicine?  And if so, what is it?

According to WikiAnswers, from a chemistry point of view, there is no distinction made between the terms “drugs” and “medicines”–all drugs are medicines and all medicines are drugs. However, our society and law make a clear-cut distinction between these two terms, defining a medicine as a chemical substance which cures the disease, is safe to use, has negligible toxicity and does not cause addiction. In contrast to that, a drug is defined as a chemical substance which also potentially cures the disease, but is habit forming, causes addiction and has serious side effects.  It is a definition that is applicable to life, and the harsh and dangerous reality of prescription drug use, and abuse.

So why would people think it is okay to use—and potentially abuse– prescription drugs?

People think Prescription Drugs are Safe

Much too common is the misconception that prescription drugs are safe, many believing that prescription drugs are safer than street drugs.   On the contrary, taking prescription drug not prescribed by a physician specifically for the individual using them, and /or using them in a way that hasn’t been recommended by the person’s physician, is dangerous and potentially fatal.

[For more information on the effects of prescriptions, especially prescription opioids and their effects, click here.]

People think Prescription Drugs are Legal

Again, another much too common misconception amongst people using or abusing prescription drugs is the idea that taking prescriptions drugs, even if doing so without a prescription, is legal.  It is not.  According to Federal and State Drug Laws, prescription drugs are considered “controlled substances.” The federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act makes it clear that the only legal way to obtain prescription drugs is to have a doctor’s prescription.

People think Prescription Drugs are Recreational

In its simplest and most basic meaning, recreation is things that you do to enjoy yourself, or an activity that is done for enjoyment.  To obtain and use a prescription drug which is illegal, highly addictive, and capable of causing death in order to “feel good” or “enjoy yourself” or “get high” is a dangerously false idea that can and will cost a person their life as they know it.

People think Prescription Drugs are in Vogue

Prescription drugs are in vogue—currently fashionable and trendy, “the thing to do”, especially in our current generation of teens.  The desire in Man to belong and to be accepted by his peers runs deep, but wisdom lies in the choices to be made to earn that belonging and acceptance.  Using and abusing prescription drugs is the wrong choice.

People think Prescription Drugs are a Solution

Whether it is a “take a pill” solution in order to relax or relieve stress or tension, or a “take a pill” solution to suppress one’s appetite and lose weight, or a “take a pill” solution for lack of mental energy or the need for sleep,  the prescription painkillers, tranquilizers and stimulants are a deadly trap—not a solution.

As one person who fell into the trap of prescription drug abuse said while in rehab at Narconon drug rehabilitation center:

“I realize my anxiety is not an excuse to use Xanax…I’m not myself when I’m on Xanax and since being off drugs, I’ve come to realize I like who I am much better without drugs, Xanax particularly.  I don’t want or need this drug in my life.  I can be happy and productive without it.”

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